In the Rush of Things

Laura is back, but that does not mean that life has calmed down, or that we see each other any more often than we did while she was gone.  Laura tutors high school students, and with AP exams, SAT exams and general class exams coming up sooner than later, her tutoring schedule is booked to capacity.  Which means that when I get home from work, she has eaten her own dinner and is gone for evening work.  So, here are some pictures of her afternoon in the kitchen, prepping her dins and some fruit leathers for snacks.

Gotta eat all that jam! Making Fruit Leathers with our plum, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry jam.

Laura's dinner: Leftover Beef Roast cooked with tomatoes, onion, carrot and red wine. Served with a whole wheat oatmeal roll and cheese.

I think I totally would have rather eaten that concoction than my own, rather interesting dinner concoction.  Laura had been a sweety and pre-cooked some black beans for me, but even that didn’t help when I came home after running errands post-work.

Starting out with some pretty safe veggies -sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and a lone purple potato found lurking in the drawer.

I ended up eating oatmeal for dinner (no pictures, sorry), but made black bean soup for lunch the next day.  Should be easy-peasy, right?  Eh, I have some problems telling the difference between frozen basil cubes and frozen cilantro cubes.  The markings on the bag are no help, as they are wrong, or absent all together (probably my fault, actually), and i can’t smell the difference on bit.  So, in went a few basil cubes into my cumin-red-pepper-seasoned soup.

Its not terrible  per say, just… unusual, and not very alluring.  Black beans are hard to make attractive to begin with, and the sad blackened basil just added to the misery of the look.  We’ll eat it, chalk it up to experience, and move forward with permanent markers firmly in hand to label everything.

To cheer up after a somewhat failing dinner, we broke open our one and only large can of ground cherry preserves, and ate it with ice cream.

Dessert: Last of the vanilla ice cream served with ground cherry preserves. Nom! Maybe even double nom!

The rest of the ground cherry preserves were eaten directly from the jar. It is just so good!

It was a nice ending to a rushing stressed day.  Today looks to be a little more calm, and Laura is making dinner, so it will be good. Yay for good food!

Fitzwilliam added to the general stress of the evening by standing right next to me ALL EVENING and yowling his little heart out. Its cute for the first minute or so, but tripping over a squeeky-mewed cat gets old fast. No wet food until 9:00 pm Mr. Fitzerkins!

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1 Response to In the Rush of Things

  1. Magda says:

    I haven’t had internet for a week, so I’m now drooling over the food, sitting in the costume shop, getting really excited about AWESOME FOOD
    I love you guys, keep making fun food 😀

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