Back into the swing of things

Yesterday, I got to make a nice dinner at home for myself and Theresa.  We haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, so I had to just make do with what we had around.

Old Golden and Chioggia Beets from Red Fire Farm. I think we picked them up at the last Wayland winter Market.

Luckily, I found a good grouping of beets in the fridge just languishing, and Theresa had suggested I make lentil soup for dinner.  Those two pieces came together, and I remembered a really good sounding recipe in Sarah Raven‘s In Season: Warm Beet Lentil and Goat Cheese Salad.  I obviously didn’t have a lot of the ingredients, but I made do.

Green Garlic instead of garlic cloves. Mmmm. green garlic.

I began cooking the lentils with the green garlic, wine, cumin seeds and tops of green garlic.

You know, it is really spring.  And that means that the mint is growing happily in front of our house in our building’s collective front yard.  That means fresh mint!  I also happened to stumble upon another herb growing in that plot, it smelled very lemony, and after picking a bit and comparing it to ours, my suspicions were confirmed; lemon balm.

Freshly Picked Lemon Balm and Mint.

The recipe calls for a simple dressing of olive oil and the juice and zest from one lemon.  Well, I didn’t have a lemon, and I was dying to dry out the lemon balm to  stand in for lemon.  So, I used the last of our lemon juice, added olive oil, chopped up a tiny bit of our frozen lemon zest, and chopped a nice bunch of lemon balm.  The resulting dressing was dreamy and very extra lemony.

Dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, lemon zest and lemon balm.

After the beets finished roasting I cut them up and mixed them with the lentils.  Then I put sliced goat cheese on top, sprinkled some fresh chopped mint and drizzled it in the dressing.

The finished Roasted Beet, Lentil and Goat Cheese Salad. Served warm.

The warm salad was served with whole wheat oatmeal dinner rolls.

Dinner was quite good.  I found that the salad brought together hearty things like beets and lentils with the springy tastes of fresh herbs.  Very nice.

For dessert we had more vanilla ice cream, this time with buttered sun burnt walnuts (the nuts are a generous gift of my sister from CA) and honey.  Nom.

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Buttered Walnuts and Honey.

Quite a nice evening, if I must say so myself. Happy to be back in the swing of our locavore life.

Local Sources:

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