….Well this is sort of embarrassing.

I suppose not too embarrassing.  I’m finally back from Florida, and ready to get back to my locavore life.  However, I don’t have many photos to show for the weekend.  So, I give you an embarrassingly short photo-parade:

I returned home on Saturday night late and then Sunday morning I got to check out Theresa’s knitting accomplishments that she finished while I was gone.

Theresa's long sweater with awesome color stranding work.

I then had to work most of the day, and so I packed myself a lunch of homemade bread (oatmeal bread I had frozen a while ago), some pickles, cheese, carrots, micro greens, and rolled oats with sun burnt walnuts (a gift from my sister) and maple syrup. When I got home, Theresa had made a lovely dinner.

We had some leeks kicking around that deserved some love.

Theresa took a beef roast and let it cook on low in our dutch oven over leeks. When I got home it smelled amazing.

Sunday Dinner: Beef Roast with Leeks and Baked Root Vegetables (carrot, potato, parsnip, rutabaga), garnished with the last of the microgreens.

Dinner was simply splendid.  It was very nice to have a good local home cooked meal.

We loved on the cats some. They were actually deigning to be in each other's company that afternoon.

Sunday Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream with Cocoa Powder and Peanut Butter. Nom.

And that was the shortest photo parade of our weekend yet.  I’m glad to be back home.  Though, with all the chaos of me just getting back we have yet to go grocery shopping.  Something we will have to handle soon.  I also have to figure out a dinner for tonight with what we have…… wish me luck!

Happy Monday!

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