I Am Still Alive!

Hi All! Laura is still away, roasting in Florida in 90 degree weather.  The weather is pretty nice is Boston right now, no?  Despite it being gray and a little humid, I can go out without a jacket and can start to wear my light around-the-house dresses.

Food wise, I’m splurging something terrible this time.  😀

I don’t have pictures, but I went to Whole Foods and bought a few things that I normally would allow myself, to help jazz up my time alone.  An Amy’s pizza was involved.

Now, I’m not going to say that I am being ‘bad’, because this was a very well thought out choice on my part.  We all need splurges, fun times and some comfort to get us through life.  This is my time, without Laura around (to eat half of my goodies), and I am going to relish every little bit of it.  On top of that, I am trying food I haven’t eaten in a while, and finding they are not nearly as tasty as I remember them being.  The Amy’s pizza was good, but paled in comparison to our home made pizzas, even jazzed up with homemade additions.  Chips (yes, chips) are fun and tasty until they rip up the roof of your mouth and give you a grease-tummy-ache.  I talked myself down from any soda, though the extra-ginger ginger ale was crying out to be brought home.  I can make a killer ginger syrup just fine at home, and I might indulge in some seltzer water to make home made soda.

Expect a photo parade of my eats Saturday morning. Until then, cute animals.

Queen Shera on her kitty pillow out on our balcony.

Oh, and if you have nothing else to do this Saturday (ha!), and are in Boston, come check out the MIT Open House and opening day of the Cambridge Science Festival.  The MIT Museum will be free all day, and the whole school will be having demonstrations, tours and other fun things.  I will be volunteering that day, so come check it out!

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