Last of the Corn and Kabocha… eaten with Chili!

So, last night was the end of the frozen corn.  My last corn salad.  No more corn until the fresh sweet corn in July. I will heave a deep sigh, and try to find some other tasty thing to broil and mix with a little mayo, salt and pepper.  Unfortunately, neither raspberries nor blackberries really fill that need.

We also roasted our last kabocha squash.  I know you are thinking “good lord, you still have one?!”, but keep in mind we have not eaten squash in a while, choosing to admire the loveliness that is our last kabocha squash (we still have two carnival squash that desperately need to be used).  Roasted and scooped onto yogurt, it makes a filling and satisfying dinner, if you are Laura and running of to an evening of work.

Our prettiest squash... eaten...

Laura's dinner of roasted squash, pecans and yogurt, along with the last of the jumble cookies.

I had some squash, too, with my corn salad.

Last of the corn, eaten with squash and feta cheese.

The peppers you see in the salad are some chopped up frozen mini ball pepper we had specially frozen to make stuffed peppers.  Have we made stuffed peppers? No.  Are they being eat? Yes. In my salads.  Hey, we have to eat them one way or another.

The salad was used to hold me over until my bean-soup-chili-thing was done cooking.  There were two partly used cans of tomatoes in the fridge, some leftover ground beef from the lasagna and a bit of tomato sauce.  So, I soaked some Boston Favorite beans from our grain CSA over night.

Boston Favorite... and maybe some Tiger's Eye beans...

I cooked the beans for about an hour, until finished, and then added all of my leftovers, a chopped onion and some cumin.  Allow to simmer over medium heat for a long time.  I think mine simmered for nearly 2 hours before I deemed it finished.

Chili served with yogurt and Atwell's Gold cheese

T’was tasty.  I do believe I am highly enjoying this time of year, with no pressure to use lots and lots of veggies.  I can make a chili with nothing but some tomato in it, and not have Laura whine at me that we have some ungodly number of bunches of something to be used now. Plain. Old. Chili. Mmmmmmm.

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2 Responses to Last of the Corn and Kabocha… eaten with Chili!

  1. Phillip says:

    Ever thought of making a facebook page for your site? I would bring in more traffic if that’s what your want. I may even make it for you if you ask nicely. ; P

    • Yeah, we were thinking about adding a facebook and twitter page to synch up to for the blog. We plan to get around to it after we finish the local food challenge. We plan to continue blogging once the challenge is done, but maybe post a little less often and also work on our locavore resources/guide section adding facebook/twitter.

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