Hitting the Bottom

If you remember back a few weeks ago, we posted a picture of our fridge, freezer and dry storage “inventory”.  I have to go through and update it, but I can assure you we are starting to cross things out pretty fast.  Last nights dinner used up the last of our green beans and turkey.

I want to emphasize the fact that we finished the frozen green beans.  We had bought a large crate of them back during the summer, pickled some of them, and froze the rest.  I didn’t think we would ever get through them.  Frozen green beans kept popping up in nooks and crannies of the freezer.  Hiding behind tomatoes and pretending to be frozen greens.  But, at long last, I think they are all gone!

Dinner: Roasted Turkey, Roasted Rutabaga with Blue Cheese, Green Bean Mushroom Casserole and Granberry Ginger Sauce.

Dinner was hearty, homey and perfect for a drab and drizzly April evening.  Laura and I collaborated on this meal over two days.  While we made Monday’s lasagna, the last piece of turkey was put in the oven to roast alongside.  Our last bit of turkey was… the back!  When we cut up the turkey, we remarked that the back was pretty meaty, and probably enough for a whole meal for the two of us.

It proved to be plenty, and the back meat, including the oysters, was rich, fatty and delicious.  Laura popped it back in the oven before I got home from work to heat and brown, along with another side of roasted rutabaga!

An old rutabaga, awaiting love.

Roasted Rutabaga

Roasted Turkey Back.

While we waited for everything to finish roasting, cooking or heating up, I made a ginger-cranberry sauce and the green bean mushroom casserole.  We also enjoyed some kitty entertainment, as Shera explored the backs of our kitchen drawers.

The Shera in the Cupboard.

When we finally sat down to dinner, what a lovely dinner it was.  A continuing triumph over the woes of bad spring cooking.

Dinner: Roasted Turkey, Roasted Rutabaga with Blue Cheese, Green Bean Mushroom Casserole and Granberry Ginger Sauce.

Dessert: Sophia's yogurt with cocoa powder and honey.

Expect more meat meals from us for the next few weeks.  As we really scrape the bottom of our veggie stores, and the nutritional quality of those veggies is questionable, really good pasture-raised meat will get us through.  We noticed after eating the steak on Sunday (which was divine), we felt much much better all around.  Since grass fed animals can have a much larger amount of certain vitamins and minerals, it makes sense that it would become our major sources of some micronutrients.

I still can’t wait for lettuce.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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