Food Parade of Our Weekend

Let’s start this week out right (for good luck, right?) with a photo parade of our long Patriot’s Day Weekend:

Our Shermans Market Grocery Shopping Booty.

We started the weekend out right, with a trip to Sherman’s Market in Union Square on Friday night.  We picked up many local nummies:  Bacon, Tempeh, Beans, Lentils, Atwell’s Gold Cheese, Blue Cheese, Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Yogurt, Milk, Burrata, Cloumage, Fresh Pasta, and Veggie Chips.  Nom!

Fresh Squash Ricotta Ravioli from Nella, with lots of local ingredients, even flour from Four Star Farm.

We got home a bit late since we had to fight traffic coming back from Union Square, so we decided to dig into some fresh pasta for dinner.  Theresa fried a little bit of our bacon with sage, and tossed the pasta with it and gave it a sprinkling of Atwell’s Gold Cheese.

Butternut Squash-Ricotta Ravioli with Sage, Bacon and Cheese. Nom. A little lacking on the vegetable side of matters.... but hey, very tasty.

We washed Friday Dinner down with a little Turtle Gelato from Maples Gelato. Chocolate gelato with caramel and bits of nut.

Saturday Morning entailed us going to Jen and Petes Backyard Birds little store. We picked up eggs and a little meat. First time in a year that we had different eggs than those of Red Fire Farm. These are pullet eggs. Small in size, but big on taste!

Saturday Snack: Theresas maple popcorn. Really good: Red Fire Farm popcorn, butter, salt and Maple Sugar. The maple sugar sort of carmelized. It was fantastic!

Saturday Lunch: Buckwheat Crepes (thick crepes or think pancakes.. but very good) served with Cloumage with Chive, and a side of Mustardy Carrots and Peas. A very french inspired meal.

Saturday Dinner was just not happening for us.  We were quite busy on Saturday during the day, so we went out to eat at Prana Cafe, the raw vegan cafe in Newton Corner for dinner.  We enjoyed their specials, which often entail at least some local produce.  A very nice relaxing meal.  But, no pictures to show.

Sunday Breakfast: Buckwheat Pancakes, Two Fried Pullet Eggs, and Bacon. Nom. Served with Maple Syrup. Man were those pullet eggs good. Mild and creamy.

Sunday Lunch: An interesting combination of flavors: Wheat Berry-Pistacio Pilaf, Corn-Pepper Salad (roasted corn and peppers with mayo and spices- Theresas new favorite thing) and Fig Burrata from Fiore Di Nonno.

Sunday Afternoon: A brief study on the effect of kitty on light, space and time.

Rehydrated Mushrooms awaiting sunday dinner fate.

Fancy Dancy Filet Mignon from Kate Stillmans Farm. We had gotten this 1/2 pound piece of fillet mignon from our meat CSA with Stillmans Farm. Sunday was the day to break it out. We gently and simply cooked it to enjoy it for what it is.Fillet Mignon, with Roasted Garlic Potatoes and a Mushroom Sauce, garnished with sage. Served with Red Wine. Wow! High dining. Quite amazingly tasty.

Monday Breakfast: Peach Cobbler with Maple-Vanilla Yogurt Sauce.

Jumble Cookies for lunch: Oats, Whole Wheat Flour, Nuts, Dried Apple, Taza chocolate Pieces. Some intense cookies.

Cracker Making: Rolling out the cornmeal/rye/cumin crackers for lunch.

Cut and rolled crackers to be baked. Cornmeal rye crackers spiced with cumin and sprinkled with smoked salt.

Finished jumble cookies.

We took a picnic lunch of jumble cookies, crackers, cloumage, corn pepper salad, and the last of our carrots down to observe the marathon through Brookline.

Boston Marathon Runners, turning the bend at Cleveland Circle entering Brookline. These were not the pros but still some amazingly determined athletes.

It is still inspiring to watch, year after year.

We walked home observing the lovely effects of spring on our neighborhood. Tulips in bloom. Many trees in blossom, many birds out and about. Very nice. Very springy.

Monday Afternoon: Shera angrily presiding over....

Fitzwilliam Love-Love (torture) Time! I think this photo could get me through another week of bad weather if needed.

Monday afternoon: Freshly ground flours for break making.

More rising oatmeal bread. Nom.

Monday Dinner: Roasted Rutabaga.Blue cheese to be served with roasted rutabaga. Nom, rutabaga and blue cheese. Excellent combination.

Monday Dinner: Lasagna! Homemade noodles, tomato sauce, mushroom white sauce, ground beef, and cheese. Nom.

Monday dinner was heavy enough that we skipped another chance for dessert.   We felt like we could roll ourselves into this week after our weekend of eating.

I hope that everyone else had a lovely long weekend, and enjoyed one of the interesting perks of living in Massachusetts.

Happy Tuesday!

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2 Responses to Food Parade of Our Weekend

  1. Phillip says:

    Poor Fitzwilliam! That is one of the funniest pictures I have seen on here.

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