The Fails… They Burn!

So, fail after fail has made a very grumpy Theresa-cook.  We have been somewhat neglectful of shopping for anything but chocolate, wine and ice cream, which do not make very fulfilling dinners.  Really tasty, but they don’t last long and make us dippy.  We could use some cake or cookies for the flour and egg content, but alas we are out of eggs.

Yep, that is how bad it is, we are out of eggs.

Needless to say, we are going to Sherman’s Market today to pick up some much needed groceries like eggs, cheese, milk, onions and maybe a potato or two.  We will see what is available to us, and really pad ourselves well for the coming week.  I can tell Laura is getting more and more stressed about the empty fridge and the lack of meal planning on my part.  I really can’t bring myself to care at the moment, and the food, until the past evening, was perfectly edible.

Case in point, the freezer Italian sides dinner was a pain in the butt, way too complicated, and very strange looking.  But it tasted fine, and was reasonably well balanced.

Bland looking but reasonably tasty mush

I had thought that what the meal was missing was greens.  Any sort of green, though fresh lettuce sounds like the best thing in the world right now.  That, and a long day at work, coupled with another Laura working in the evening, led me to a really bad crockpot meal fail.

Behold the ughk that is a crockpot failed soup of mystery greens (probably beet and kohlrabi), eggplant, fennel, and rye berries.  It wasn’t BAD per say, it just wasn’t great either.  The fennel and a heck of a lot of salt helped, but not enough for me to want to eat it again for lunch.  One for the garbage disposal!

On a funny note, Marion couldn’t see to get enough of it.  She loved the rye berries, and her enthusiasm was enough to get me through my dinner bowl.

Thankfully, when Laura came home late, we ate the rest of her dinner of leftover, frozen oatmeal bread buns, and I made myself some more corn salad.

For today’s lunch, I dragged myself into the kitchen to throw together a repeat of a meal over the weekend.

Start with some onions... in bacon grease... mmmm

Add corn, tomatoes, peppers and edemame, salt and pepper, maybe a dash of vinegar and hot pepper... much better

I pack this (much improved) lunch with roasted sweet potato, though I mourned the lack of some cheese to shred on top.  Still, this opposed to mystery green goo?  I’ll take this any day of the week.

Hopefully grocery shopping will help us get through one more week of our storage goods, before the early spring farmers markets get going.  How is everyone else doing?

Happy Friday!

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One Response to The Fails… They Burn!

  1. cheryl says:

    I am voting for Theresa’s meals. Not really. Ya’ll do so well, keep up the good work. You both are such an inspiration. Cheryl

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