Crazy Rain, Crazy Dinner

Oh my god, the rain.  I feel like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, when the blustery day turned into the blustery night… and the rain rain rain came down down down, in rushing writhing rivlets…

I got home late, Laura was tutoring, so no pre-made dinner for me.  I thought about making soup, since I was so so so hungry.  Then decided in a fit of craze that I was going to make a whole bunch of small plates to eat for dinner. Yay!

Did I take pictures along to way. Nope!  It all came out pretty mediocre anyway.

I made a roasted eggplant and garlic dip, broiled corn and pepper salad, tried spaetzle again (fail… it was not soft dumplings, it was mush), and cooked some sweet Italian sausages.  It tasted good in the end, but is all looked like crappy mush in the end.  Mushy eggplant, mushy doughy thing with basil and tomatoes mixed in, mushy corn salad.

And, currently, the two photographs I took of my finished plate have not been loaded for me yet, and I have no access to the computer, so you will have to wait until later to get a peak at the final chaos.

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