Food Parade of Our Weekend

Let’s start the week out with a food parade of our weekend:

Friday Dinner was rather on the go, and so I baked the last of our frozen pre-made lamb vegetable pasties and took them along with a lemonade pummelo (which really did taste like lemonade) to have dinner with Theresa at her work place.

Saturday Breakfast: Lamb Pastie Filling cooked with scrambled eggs, shredded Atwell's Gold Cheese and the last of our bread.

Saturday Lunch was leftover quinoa-tofu-vegetable curry. It got even better as leftovers.

Saturday Afternoon was spent tinkering around our balcony/min-garden.  I will admit we have decided not to go hog wild this year, and we will mostly be leaving the vegetable growing to the farms we support and love, and will be growing a lot of herbs and flowers this year.  Our balcony only gets 5-6 hours of sun due to the large old oak trees next to our building, so getting good yields from our vegetables has been a large challenge.  But this Saturday I spent some time clearing out the flower beds, checking what was still alive, and mixing around our compost that we have accumulated over the winter.

Yeah! Our Rhubarb is still alive, and our own rhubarb will be ready really soon! Fresh rhubarb.... nom.

Green onions. We will be having more and more of these, regardless of our veggie pact. They grow really well for us and we simply love them.

Some kale still kicking!

Tarragon still kicking.

Lastly, our alpine strawberries survived!

By the way, an update on spring.  It really is here.  There are daffodils out, and even forsythia, and a few magnolia trees have buds just starting to peep open.  And the weather has been divine.  While out on our balcony, Shera enjoyed the lovely weather in pure luxury.

Queen Shera on her kitty pillow out on our balcony.

It was so nice out that even Fitzwilliam thought about going out on to the very scary balcony.

Fitzwilliam carefully contemplating the risk vs. reward balance of the sunny balcony.

Saturday afternoon snack: Rolled Oats, Elderberry Jam and Red Walnuts.

Even more Saturday Afternoon Snack: Red Fire Farm popcorn with chili powder and shredded cheese.

Popcorn processing.

Saturday evening we went to Sprout at the Waltham Museum of Industry.  It was a charity event and included a silent auction.  The food was served by Newbury College’s Ethics of Eating Class and included:

  • Passed Appetizers: Chilled Winter Squash Soup Shooters w Radish and Apple Slaw; Individual Spinach Quiches
  • Main Menu: Local Cheeses and Faux Gras, Pulled Pork Sliders with Carrot Slaw, Orecchiette Pasta w Three Cheeses w Butternut Squash and Peas or Beef Bolognese; Wheat Berry Salad w Beets and Walnuts; Tortilla Espagnol w Garlic and Herb Aioli; Kale, Tatsoi, Shitake Salad w Maple Cider Vinaigrette
  • Dessert: Bourbon Bread Pudding; Apple Raisin Turnovers; Truffles by Chocolate Silhouette

I have to say the food was pretty good, and the silent auction was fun.   We won hand-woven baskets and a IOU for a garlic braid from a local farm.  Overall it was a lovely event.  It was also really neat to check out the Waltham Museum of Industry while there.

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Buckwheat Pancakes with Butter and Male Syrup. Buckwheat flour from Upinngil Farm, since we still haven't milled our own yet... Very good. It still had pieces of hulls in the flour, but they added nutty taste and an interesting texture.

Sunday Lunch: Roasted Sweet Potato with a Corn-Edamame-Tomato-Pepper Tangy Stir Fry. A very nice combination, and a nice use of frozen veggies. Enjoyed on our balcony in the sun.

Sunday Dinner: Blackened Broiled Dabs with a Carrot-Beet-Tahini Salad, and a Rye Berry Pilaf.

The fish was served with a nice relish/mayo sauce.

Sunday Dessert: Elderberry Jam with Red Walnuts.

And that was our weekend in food.  I hope that everyone else had a great weekend in the lovely spring weather.

Happy Monday!

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3 Responses to Food Parade of Our Weekend

  1. Magda says:

    It all looks so wonderful! (As usual!!!) Spring certainly is here, and it looks as if you are thriving wonderfully!
    I’m excited to be up again this summer to enjoy all the amazing vegetables and fruit that Massachusetts has to offer, it looks as if your hard winter will pay off with fruitful season!

    • Hi Magda,
      It’s wonderful to hear from you….. oddly enough I was thinking that I should e-mail you or call you today to see how you are doing. Spring is certainly here… but we aren’t going to get to those fresh morsels for a little while longer. Got to clean out the freezers!
      So, are you officially coming up to MA this summer? If so, that would be fantastic. Been missing you!

  2. Magda says:

    Well then we should talk today! I was realizing last night that we haven’t talked in well over a month, and that is not cool.
    I’m officially coming up to MA! I can’t wait, and my friend Becky is coming along, so we’ll have a grand time with that (luckily, the only food she is against is seafood, which though that’s hard, not impossible ;))
    I’ll call you later 😀

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