Ginger Lentil Soup for the sick

So, yesterday we were in a bit of a pickle, me being sick, and us both having an inconvenient work schedule for making dinner.   Well, if you know anything about how our kitchen works, you can guess it was the crock pot to the rescue.   I wanted something gingery, since it is warming, and also helps me with most illnesses, but I couldn’t just have spicy ginger soup.  I needed something more to it.  So I checked out our cupboard.

French Green Lentils from Baer's Best Beans

We had lentils, check.  We had a motley crew of vegetables, check.  We had some bread still frozen, check.  In my whoozy state, I setup a crockpot meal of ginger lentil vegetable soup.

Lentils, garlic, onion, carrot, sweet potato, rutabaga, kombu, a dried chili, a little bouillon, ground coriander, nutmeg chili powder and cumin. All with a lot of ginger and water.

I used maybe three tablespoons of chopped ginger, maybe more.  The rest of my ginger that I took out of the freezer I chopped up and made into a tea of ginger, honey and lime juice.

Chopped fresh ginger, honey, lime juice. Good for the sickly soul.

I let the crockpot do its magic and a little before I had to leave for work, I sat down to a nice hearty meal of ginger lentil soup, with buttered toast.

Ginger Lentil Veggie Soup.

I think by this point, the lentil soup crockpot meal is rather repetitive for us.  However, it’s always good to have something hearty and delicious to fall back on in times of need.  And its great when it comes out delicious every time.

So with that said, wishing you all good times and good health on this balmy Tuesday.

Local Sources:

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