Food Parade of Our Weekend

Let’s start this week out right with a Food Parade. I’m finally back in town, a bit exhausted and a bit under the weather.  But I can still put up a photo parade, can’t I?

Theresa made me a homecoming food present. Something she had wanted to make for a while that used carrot, parsnip and apple.

Harvest Cake- Cup Cakes. Nom!

When I got home on Friday (from a delayed flight no less!) Theresa had set up a crock pot meal of ground beef, with a spicy tomato sauce (dried chilis, canned and dried tomatoes, onions, garlic) She served it on top of polenta and with grated goat tomme cheese. It was so nice to sit down to a nice home cooked meal.

For dessert we had harvest cup cakes with maple cream cheese frosting!

Saturday breakfast: sliced whole grain oat bread with cream cheese and blueberry spread.

Saturday Lunch: Leftovers of spicy beef and polenta.

Saturday I unearthed my tropical presents that I picked up in Florida. Two Unique Oranges (crosses between oranges and tangerines), two Lemonade Pummelo's (apparently they taste like lemonade) and three key limes. All from Ter Marsch Groves.

For dinner on Saturday, we were both pretty tired, Theresa from going to a conference, and me from working and still from traveling.  So, we went out to eat to Prana, a vegan restaurant in Newton Corner.  It was great, as the time we went before.  It is vegan, and therefore nut heavy, but they source a lot of their produce locally.  We dined on vegan tomato-fava bean soup, vegan sushi, vegan mushroom and kohlrabi ravioli, and vegan pizza, along with coconut cream pie and cinnamon ice cream.  Nom.  It was nice to go out and just chill for the evening.

Sunday Breakfast: Stove top granola, with Sophia's yogurt.

For lunch, Theresa had some more of the spicy beef leftovers, while I packed myself a lunch of apple, harvest cupcake, and bread and cheese for a very busy work day.  While I was busy, Theresa put together a lovely dinner.

Jen and Pete's Meats! Theresa decided to cook the uncured ham for dins. Nom.

The brining spices that she used to brine the ham for a few hours. Bay leaf, smoked salt, cinnamon, crushed red pepper, molasses, and sugar.

While the ham brined, she chopped up carrot, onion, sweet potato and parsnip, and layered it at th bottom of our dutch oven.

Once the ham was brined, she rubbed it with herbs, dried sage, and what looks like maybe dried parlsey (?) along with mustard and smoked salt.

Once well rubbed and loved, the ham went on top of the vegetables in the dutch oven, with a nice douse of apple cider. It was slowly cooked, and towards the end, Theresa glazed the ham with our apple cider concentrate.

While that cooked, Theresa made mushroom-yogurt-herb green bean casserole.

when done, the ham was beautiful. The glaze carmelized on the outside, and the meat was amazingly flavorful and juicy.

Before dinner was served, Theresa had some fun time with the camera and Fitzwilliam.

Fitzwilliam basking in the sun.

Fitzwilliam sleeping in the sun.

When I got home, dinner was served.  A lovely big local home made meal.  I was so happy to dig into something so clean, fresh and made with love.

Sunday Dinner: Cider Braised Fresh Ham with Carrot, Sweet Potato and Parsnip, Mushroom and Yogurt Herbed Green Bean Casserole, apple cider to drink, and Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle with Red Walnuts. Wow.

The cider braised ham and vegetables, and green bean casserole. Might I say, it was all delicious!

Sunday Dessert: A Strawberry Rhubarb Buckle (I think). Theresa cooked some frozen strawberries and added some of my strawberry rhubarb jam, then poured rolled oat and whole wheat pancake batter on top and baked it until done. She served it with maple syrup and red walnuts.

What are red walnuts?  They’re a type of mild and beautiful walnuts being grown in California.  My sister bought some from her farmer’s market and brought them to me when we were visiting in Florida.  They are simply beautiful and have a really lovely mild and sweet flavor.

Aren't they pretty?

So, that was our weekend in food.  Good food, and sunny weather. The weather was pretty nice after the Nor’easter on Friday.  Though, now it’s raining, and will probably rain quite a bit this week.  Ah, April showers, we better be seeing really pretty flowers in May.

Happy Monday!

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  1. nruit says:

    Wow! I have never brined pork before cooking. That looks out of this world.

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