Photo Parade – Last Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Distribution

Hello everyone!  Its the last week of March, and the weather is brisk, biting and sometimes bitter.  While not mucky and raining (or snowing) its still pretty damn cold.  Yet!  All of the farmers are looking to spring, changing their greenhouses from sweet winter greens to baby seedlings for the new season.  It also means the end of winter farmer’s markets and CSA distributions.  Time to really work through our preserved goods!

First, though, our last Red Fire Farm CSA was absolutely special.  The kind folks at the farm sent us (Laura, really) a double share, for all of Laura’s hard work and support.  Thanks guys!  Six pounds of carrots really means a lot to us!

The last distribution had a lot of dry goods, and included carrots, rutabaga, onions, sprouts, salad greens, chili peppers, frozen peaches (not shown), maple syrup, blue berry spread, blue berry juice, apple cider, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and eggs

Naturally, we went to Sherman’s Market for groceries.

Lots of goodies from the market, including local cream cheese!

The trusty crockpot with Friday's dinner of split pea soup with Jan and Pete's ham hock. The slit peas were found lurking in the back of the cupboard not too long ago.

Pureed soup, garnished with Sofia's yogurt and a pretty little flower we found in our salad mix.

We ate the soup with rye toast and...

... finished the night with iced stewed peaches topped with Maples ginger-cardamon gelato

Fried egg with cheese over sprouts, eated with mayo, mustard and toast. Honest to god, Laura's favorite breakfast in the world.

Breakfast included hot spiced cider. Let me tell you, this was the richest, sweetest cider I have ever had. Wintered apples, freshly pressed are the greatest for cider, make no mistake.

Soup with sprouts. I love how soup tastes better the next day, reheated.

Fish dinner. A wonderful casserole Laura put together over greens. It was really light, but we made up for that with gelato and chocolate.

Some pre-cooking for the week. A big pan of rutabaga, carrots and beets to be roasted.

More pre-cooking: a pan of beans, rye, mollases, dried tomato, onions and bacon waiting to be baked.

Lunch was fish and greens, filled out with baked sweet potato covered in a home-made honey mustard dressing. Our sweet potatoes from Red Fire Farm in December are still going strong, and taste delicious.

Snack of more eggs and sprouts, this time with scrambled eggs. Both ways are really tasty, this one was just a little easier to make for a snack.

Are you excited to see what Theresa an do all by herself this upcoming week?  No?  That’s fine, it will probably be roasted root vegetables, baked beans, toast and cheese all week long. And you know what, I’m cool with that.

Here’s hoping you had a great weekend!

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1 Response to Photo Parade – Last Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Distribution

  1. Sunny Schettler says:

    Great photos and captions for the story, ladies — thanks!

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