A Tale of Two Meals

Yet again, our Thursday evening was spent apart, with me working late, and Theresa at home to cook herself her own dinner.  Thus, you get two meals for the price of one post.  🙂

My locavore-on-the-go dinner included a salad, with the last bit or arugula, watermelon radish and a blackberry jam-red currant vinegar dressing.

Arugula, Radish, Blackberry Jam Salad. Actually quite delicious.

I also had another salad, the more homey type.

Hard Boiled Eggs Cooling.

I don’t know what it is about Diary of a Locavore recently, but I’ve been feeling like we’ve both had the same food inspirations recently, it’s just that she gets to them first.  I was really craving egg salad, and planned to make some for my locavore-on-the-go dinner.  And lo and behold, Diary of a Locavore posts an egg salad recipe.  I don’t complain too much, since her recipes are great and I often will use them.  Though I will say that I think I come from a different egg salad camp than she does.

Egg salad: Hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, relish, salt and pepper.

I find that hard boiling the eggs more around 6 minutes works well, but I also am a raw yolk fan and like mine on the little undercooked side.  Also, instead of eating egg salad with a pickle, I put the pickle in the egg salad, by adding our own veggie relish.  I also eat pickle along side it too.  Maybe I’m just very pro-pickle.

Other items included on my meal were homemade rye bread, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber and dilly green bean pickles, a carrot, a radish, an apple, and one breakfast sausage saved from last night’s meal.  All rounded out with a few taza baking chocolate squares.  Nom.

Theresa’s Meal: Now, Theresa on the other hand, had access to the kitchen and made herself the meal she had penciled onto our meal plan: Quick Braised Edamame, and peanut dipping sauce with a side veggie.  Although intending on rutabaga, Theresa went for Kohlrabi instead for the side veggie to go with the dipping sauce.

Asian Peanut Dipping Sauce with Sliced Kohlrabi.

For the braised Edamame, she sautéed onions and ginger, then carrots, added chopped snow peas, and the edamame (frozen from Red Fire Farm’s) and cooked it all in a nice soy-sauce-centric sauce, adding some seaweed at the end.  It was served over cooked spelt berries.

Quick Braised Edamame with carrots, snow peas, seaweed, ginger, and spelt berries.

It looks yummy to me, and I’m looking forward to eating it for lunch!  Another product of me not being home for the evening is it becomes far more birdy-centric time for Theresa.

Birdy relaxing on Theresa's shoulder, with a slice of Theresa's face on the right, revealing a self-taken photo.

I’m sure Theresa would often take lots of pictures of birdy, if no one else was around…..

And Happy Friday, Everyone! I’m glad to have gotten through a week of not-so-Spring-like weather.

Local Sources:

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