A Brief Post with Nary a Veggie to be Seen

Life throws you some bumps and surprises.  Sometimes these are good, sometimes these are bad, and sometimes they make you not want to eat a rutabaga casserole for dinner.  Alas, our tentative concoction of a rutabaga gratin savoyard with cheese and almonds was hastily ditched in favor of some more comforting food on a slightly snowy evening.

Sliced apples and a fried egg.

Breakfast for dinner!  Does the soul good sometimes to have eggs, pancakes, cheese and sausage with herbal tea and fresh maple syrup.  The apple was sort of a tribute to eating produce.

Rye-Whole Wheat Apple Cider Pancakes, sliced Smoked Cheese, and Breakfast Sausage.

That breakfast sausage was from Kate Stillman, and man was it good.  I have two links sitting in my lunch box tempting me right now.  Perfect with our syrup and special pancakes.  Yep, special pancakes!  We didn’t have enough wheat flour for a whole batch, so they are half rye pancakes.  No milk, so I reconstituted some of our reduced apple cider for the liquid, added a healthy dash of cinnamon and some vanilla.  It was a pleasant change, and they went with the sausage and eggs perfectly.

The only veggies were in the last lone pieces of the zucchini bread I had made on Monday.  At least there was a lot of zucchini in the bread!

Wishing everyone a happy Thursday, and hopefully the weather will warm up again soon.

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