Return of the Shrimpies! Queen Shera Makes a Statement! A Purple Breakfast! More News Below the Fold!

Return of the Shrimpies!

Nearly 2 months ago, an invasion of small crustaceans better known as ‘sea bugs’ caused a fervor in the Gulf of Maine.  The invasion of sea bugs, weighted down with eggs, ready to spawn, quickly brought to action the finest bug fisherman in New England.  Through their bold and swift action the invasion was brought to heel.  Many locals participated in the clean up by eating the ugly little critters, despite the unprepossessing appearances.

Look at this amazing fellow!

Now, despite the hard work of fishing people and citizens alike, more shrimpies have been found lurking in the recesses of a freezer, plotting their revenge.  More bravery (and a squeeze of lime) were needed to prevent a new uprising of bug-like terrors.

We spoke to the brave cook in question this morning about the harrowing experiences of yesterday evening.

“I had cleaned out the freezer over the past weekend, and there they were!  Hiding behind a container of frozen vegetable soup and some ginger.  Well, I knew I had to spring into action.  I chopped some Red Fire Farm sweet potatoes and let those pan-fry in raw coconut oil from Glaser Farm.  I added garlic and ginger, some frozen green beans, and let that stew for a little bit.  I then lured the shrimp out with the promise of a nice cool shower in the sink.  While they rinsed themselves off, I quickly blended together the very last of our coconut milk, some yogurt and the last bits of red curry paste.  When the ugly bugs declared themselves clean, I grabbed them and quickly threw them into a pan of boiling water!  While they curled up and turned firm, I mixed my coconut-yogurt mixture in with my vegetables.  When everything was cooked and hot, I served those little terrors over some pre-cooked spelt berries with a good squeeze of lime juice.  Serves them right for hiding in my freezer.  It think there might be more, but those shrimpies will meet the same fate if they are not careful.”

My!  What a story!  The final dinner was served with more lime and soy sauce, ending the immediate threat to the local populace.

North Atlantic Shrimp that we had frozen from our Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF.

Queen Shera Makes a Public Statement!

Shera caught mid-Heart Rending Yeowl.

The lovins will commence immediately!

A Purple Breakfast!

In an attempt to break out of breakfast doldrums, we present a variation of Oatmeal Custard with Pumpkin and Cranberries!

It includes apples from Shelburne Apple Orchards!

Chopped fresh apples!  See them beginning to commune with some frozen blackberries?  What ever could they up to?

The Apple-Blackberry Oatmeal Custard awaiting baking.

They have come together to make a custard oatmeal bake!  Instead of milk, they included apple cider concentrate!  No maple syrup!  An extra egg!  Lots of purple juice!  Baked for about 30 minutes at 350F, we present the breakfast of champions for the rest of the week!

The finished baked Apple-Blackberry Oatmeal Custard. We ate it for breakfast with yogurt and maple sugar. Nom.

Look at that purple color.  Doesn’t it make your heart warm?  Perfect breakfast for a gloomy morning breaking way to a lovely day!

More News Below the Fold!

Tomorrow is minestrone delight, coming your way!  A perfect remedy for early spring snow/sleet/rain and the irritation and bitterness that comes with it STILL SNOWING.

At least today is a bright and sunny day.  Burn away that snow, I say, burn it away!  I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the sun!

Local Sources:

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