Celebrating with Tarts and Something Green For Breakfast

Yesterday I found out that I have been accepted into the Graduate Program of Nutrition that I have been hoping to attend in the Fall.  This was very exciting news, along with a very nice scholarship to go along with it.  When Theresa found out she wanted to celebrate with me and so I requested she make dinner and we pick up something celebratory for dessert.

I had been planning to make a beet goat cheese tart or dinner that had come to our attention through Ruit Farm’s Web Journal, and I was excited to have Theresa make it for me, instead of me having to put in all the effort.  I did get to still prep some items, you know, the parts I like to do, dealing with produce and grinding grain.

Beets, both red and golden, getting ready to be roasted.

I roasted beets, and ground some Hard Red Winter Wheat in preparation.

Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries.

Theresa came home and made pie crust and then we ran out to pick up something celebratory for dessert, my request being from Clear Flour Bakery.  It was certainly a splurge outside of our local food challenge slots, but totally worth it.  Clear Flour is totally worth it, and besides, it’s a small local business :-).  I picked up quite a bit there.

A dried Apple and Blackberry Rustic Tart. Nom!

Bouchon's. I had no idea what they were, but they looked good.

Lastly, because I was in a celebratory mood, I also picked up whole wheat and oat Irish Soda Bread. Not for dinner, but because I really wanted it. We'll get to its use later in the post.

I also got two Cannelés Bordelais that we ate before we got home.  Nom.  We arrived home and Theresa went to work making the Beet and Goat Cheese Tart.

The Tart without cheese and egg, just attractive swirls of roasted beet.

We entertained ourselves with the cats as the savory tart baked.

The tart turned out quite lovely!

Finished Beet- Onion-Goat Cheese Savory Tart.

When cut, it had these lovely layers of beet slices, onion, cheese and egg.

Theresa served the savory tart with arugula greens in red currant vinegar, salt and pepper. It was all quite delish!

After cleaning up, we dug into our dessert, including a sweet tart.

The apple and blackberry tart and bouchons.

The apple blackberry tart was divine. The dried apple and blackberry that was carefully rehydrated were perfect, not overdone fillings.

Bouchons, cut open to display their inner goodness.

You know, I had no idea what bouchons were, but man was I happy I picked them up.  They smelled like brownies, but upon biting into them, they were like light buttery brownies, like french brownies.  Light, with big chunks of baking chocolate (that looked suspiciously like Taza chocolate- but we’re not sure).  Quite amazing!

The evening was quite nice.  Not an extraordinarily decadent celebration, but it was what I wanted, and I certainly had my share of tart, sweet and savory.  And oh was it good.  Perhaps it’s ironic to celebrate getting into a nutrition program with decadent desserts.  But, I couldn’t care less at this point. 🙂

Something Green For Breakfast:

We are starting the day off right with an appropriate St. Patrick’s day theme’s breakfast.  Sprouts for green, and Irish Soda Bread.

A fried egg, sprouts, irish soda bread, sliced black radish and mayo and mustard. Nom!

We often talk about, and sometimes eat veggies for breakfast, which is quite against the American ‘cereal for breakfast’ paradigm.  Sprouts are a lovely addition to eggs (especially if you like raw yolk) along with mayo and mustard.  I dare you to try it, or at least eat something green (naturally) for breakfast.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  I wish you all good Irish themed foods, and not too much of a hangover (this is Boston, isn’t it?).

Local Sources:

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2 Responses to Celebrating with Tarts and Something Green For Breakfast

  1. nruit says:

    Wow. Your tart is so much more artful than mine was :*) Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

  2. cheryl says:

    everything looks sooooooooo good., I am now hungry and going to have lunch, nothing like what I have just feasted my eyes on.

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