Home for less than a week, and the crockpot is already getting lots of love.

Maybe it’s something about getting back from vacation and a certain sluggishness of getting back into the old schedule.  Maybe it’s prolonged laziness.  Maybe it’s devout love of the crock pot.  Whatever it is, last night’s meal was entirely dependent upon the crockpot, and this might happen again soon.

Theresa was getting home late, and I was going to be getting home very late.   A crockpot stew was in order.  Something warm and tasty for when you get home.  I recently picked up some Baer’s Best Lentils and we have a big pile of carrots from our Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA.  So, Carrot-Lentil Stew it was.

Lentils, dried red chili, bay, and garlic, all getting friendly in the crockpot.

I rinsed a cup of lentils, cut up a big clove of garlic, threw a bay leaf a piece of kombu, and a dried chili into the pot with some water to start warming while I chopped up the rest of the veggies.

Four Giant Carrots and a big hunk of frozen ginger.

I used four big carrots, significantly increasing the space in my fridge (We have a lot of carrots right now).  I chopped the carrots, and ginger, along with an onion, and one big potato.  I threw those into the crockpot with the flesh from one small kabocha squash I had roasted.

Roasted kabocha squash, a versatile ingredient at the ready. I ate some for breakfast too, with some peanut butter, maple syrup and rolled oats. Nom.

I added about a tsp of cumin, a tsp of ground coriander, and a tsp of chili powder, added enough water to cover everything, stirred well, put the lid on, and allowed the crockpot to work its magic over the course of the day.

Delicious things in the crockpot. Need I say more?

This is the part of the meal where Theresa comes in.  She arrived home first and finished preparing the meal, and actually took a good amount of pictures for me. Good show for Theresa!

Theresa's dinner: Spinach, Stew, Yogurt, Cilantro.

She salted the stew and served it with spinach, sophia’s yogurt and cilantro.

Lentil-Carrot-Ginger Crockpot Stew, with spinach, yogurt and cilantro. Nom.

The other thing that Theresa did is make a decadent dessert.  Now, we have been using our slot system throughout the year, but we have been finding that we often do not use all of our weekly slots.  So, we had a slot leftover this week.  After thinking about it, we decided to splurge and get some non-local treat.  Theresa picked up organic coconut milk.  I knew she was going to do something with the coconut milk and lime, but I wasn’t sure.  When I arrived home, and finished eating dinner, she served me a delectable dessert that I had to guess its components.

A delightful lime-coconut dessert.

The coconut milk was thick, sweet and tangy from lime juice and lime zest.  Thickened with gelatin and yogurt, Theresa informed me, and sweetened with sugar.  This creamy coconut-lime pudding was sprinkled with sugar on top, along with toasted macademia nuts (we had gotten a few from my sister with the other nuts I got from her for christmas, and we have been saving them for something special).  All served with a lovely slice of lime.  Simply exotic and delicious! I have to say that those three limes from my grandmother have gone very far, and this was sort of a lovely ode to them.  All in all, a lovely meal after a long day.

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2 Responses to Home for less than a week, and the crockpot is already getting lots of love.

  1. nruit says:

    Wow. Just got home from a meeting and even though I had a very nice dinner out of our leftover homegrown chicken, I am drooling :*) I love lentils. And coconut!

    • Thanks! We are certainly lentil fans here too! And coconut, oh my. We haven’t had coconut milk since the locavore challenge started last June. So good! But homegrown chicken sounds pretty awesome to me….

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