Back Into New England Life

So, we are finally back home in Boston from our trip to Florida.  Arriving back has been nice. We discovered that a lot of the snow and ice had melted while we were gone, and the weather has also become a bit warmer.  All nice surprises to arrive home to.  Another nice surprise waiting for us when we got home was our Amaryllis. We thought it would bloom while we were gone, but it had opened just in time for us to return home and enjoy this herald of early spring.

The Amaryllis in bloom.

In addition to nice weather and pretty flowers, we also received our shipment of rolled oats from Wood Prairie Farm.  All twenty pounds of them.  Just waiting for us when we got home.  Well, we didn’t disappoint those oaty guys. I feel like I’ve been mostly eating oats since we returned home.

Oatcakes, curtesy of Niki and David Goldbeck's American Wholefoods Cuisine. A favorite trusty recipe. I know the page number off the top of my head, that's how trusty and favored it is.

Our first night back, we enjoyed a nice ploughman dinner.  Oatcakes, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, pickles, roasted beets, and apple butter.

Our ploughman dinner, complete with birdy!

We broke out our dill and garlic pickled cucumbers, the dill pickles from Real Pickles that we got from our CSA distribution, and our pickled dilly green beans.  We also broke out the baby swiss and blue cheese from West River Creamery.  We used the blue for our roasted beets, served with a sprinkling of smoked salt and apple cider vinegar.

Roasted Golden and Red Beets with Blue Cheese.

There’s something about a hearty meal, that is really simple to put together with your stores of good food.  It made us feel at home.

We also  got to baking muffins (also with oats in them).  Theresa made two sets of muffins for our enjoyment.

Dill, Pepper and Swiss Cheese Whole Wheat-Oat Muffins. Man, are they good.

Double Blueberry Muffins: Dried Blueberries mixed in the batter and Blueberry Jam in the middle. Whole wheat and oats. Nom.

And lastly, oatmeal for breakfast.

Oatmeal with Walnuts and Apple Butter.

Oh my.  Oats to stick to our ribs.  It’s still late winter, and we have quite a bit of time before the earth begins to share some bounty with us.  I’m glad to have a house full of grain, vegetables, jam, pickles, dried and frozen goodies.  I’m glad to be back home.

There are many exciting things happening today.  Okay, so maybe just one, but it feels like quite a lot to me… especially since we haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.  Today is our second to last Deep Winter CSA Distribution from Red Fire Farm.  I unfortunately will not be helping run the distribution, which I really enjoyed last time.  But, not helping out means that I get to also swing by Sherman’s Market, which is right next to the distribution site to do some grocery shopping for more local goodies to round out our supplies.  Double bonus if you ask me.  I’m also pretty sure that we will be going to the Wayland Winter Market [Which was just brought to my attention is to be the last of the season! So I’m really sure we’ll be there!] to procure more local bounty tomorrow.  There’s lots exciting local food on our horizon!

I hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather and looking forward to a good weekend.  If not in weather, at least in food.  Happy Friday!

Local Sources:

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2 Responses to Back Into New England Life

  1. Peg says:

    Hoping we WILL see you both tomorrow for our final winter market of the season here in Wayland! Special guest, High Lawn Farm from Lee will be offering samples of their Jersey milk! Welcome home, Peg

    • The last! We WILL be there! Milk too!

      I updated the post to let everyone know. Thanks for the welcome. A winter market is certainly very welcoming. Man, I’m going to miss the market. I feel like I need to go tomorrow and hoard!

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