Last Bit of Florida Posting

Our last day in Florida, Theresa’s dad and his friend, Terry, took us to a mysterious place close by in Delray: The Girls’s Strawberry Patch and Old Fashioned Country Store.

Tom, Theresa's father, Terry (to the right), and Phillip, in front of the unassuming store front.

The inside of the store was a dazzling array of Florida kitch and old fashioned candy and jams and preserves and ice cream and toys and... well you get the idea.

Theresa and Terry perusing all the jams, jellies, and preserves.

More of the dazzling store interior.

But then, we walked out the back, and we found this huge area filled with plants, animals and pick your own.  Pretty amazing really.  You’d never expect it when looking at the unassuming store front.

Fountains and lily ponds.

Sun conures.

Lots of vegetable and fruit pick your own.

Pick Your Own Strawberries as far as the eye can see, in these really interesting planters.


More fabulous Floridian kitch.

Lots of really cool tropical fruit trees. Here I am investigating a jack fruit tree.

Sapodilla Tree, with immature fruit.

Albino peahen. We got ice cream. I got homemade banana ice cream with chunkcs of nilla wafers.

More interesting kitch.

Lots of tropical fruit for sale.

These are all immature pinaple plants.....

Though some have little pinapples!

Fifth generation this place has been here! Overall a pretty cool place. Something you'd only find in Florida.

So, with that big ray of sunshine, and the promise of pick your own strawberries in future visits, is the last of our time in Florida.  We will soon enough post about our local food doings back at home.

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