Floridian Local Meal

I will admit that our time in Florida has not been awash with local food.  A combination of being busy, going to multiple social events, and going out to eat a lot made it pretty difficult to enjoy a lot of local food during our stay, with the exception of Glaser Farms raw vegan snacks, which are truly delicious.

However, Monday was a calm enough day to enjoy some local food with my mother.  For lunch, we went to Season’s 52, a more health focused than local focused restaurant, that did have some local vegetables on their menu, with my Grandmother and Aunt.  I also got some local limes.

Three beautiful limes from Grandma Toto.

My grandmother has a few lime trees, and my aunt helped her pick some for me.  I am very appreciative to have such a sunny present.  My plan is to zest and juice them, freeze some and eat some fresh in a meal when I get home.

After lunch, my mother and I went to our local WholeFoods to see what local produce we could find to make a local dinner.  I knew there was a reasonable assortment, from a quick perusal a few days ago.  We found quite a bit of local produce.

Rainbow Chard, Parsley, zucchini and an Heirloom Tomato.

Pea Greens.

A big score for our meal: Locally Made Pasta and Mozzarella.

For Dessert: Local Mango-Passionfruit Ice Cream and Lychee Sorbet. Another great find.

I will say that as much as you can say about WholeFoods, one thing they have gotten better at in most stores is pointing out local products.

So, my mother and I made a vegetable-pasta dish and salad for dinner, including a lot of local ingredients. I had fun taking pictures of making food in an entirely different kitchen.

For a salad, we used some greens, celery, and blueberries (non-local) that my mother had lying around, along with local strawberries and pea greens. My mother made a simple grapefruit juice (squeezed straight from the grapefruit) and olive oil dressing with salt and pepper.

Strawberries and Celery.

Our Salad: Greens with Strawberries, Blueberries, Celery with a Grapefruit Juice Dressing.

Parsley. More pictures in a different kitchen.

Prepped veggies for a quick saute: Onions, garlic, tomato, pepper, zucchini, chard, and parsley.

We sautéed the vegetables with a little olive oil and chicken bouillon, before throwing the parsley and halved grape tomatoes in.  We then mixed in the pasta and mozzarella and let it amalgamate and let the cheese get melty and served it.

Vegetable-Mozzarella-Pasta dish. Simple, local and tasty. And far lighter for local fare compared to what we have up north right now.

For dessert, we had both the Mango-Passion Fruit Ice Cream and Lychee Sorbet.  I loved them…. those fresh tropical fruit flavors.  My mother wasn’t so hot on them.  More for me.

Mango-Passionfruit Ice Cream and Lychee Fruit Sorbet. In really cute bowls.

Overall, a very simple meal, but pretty tasty and mostly local.  Surprising what you can find wherever you go for local fare.  Of course, not all of these ingredients fulfill all of our principles, but I think it was a great start.

Local Sources:

Happy Wednesday!

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