Some Florida Photo Parading

Hi Everyone.  I made some promises about posting photos during our time in Florida that I have not been keeping.  I assure you that I have been taking photos.  Maybe too many photos.

Here is a brief photo parade of our trip thus far.  I’ll post more later, but my mother’s computer isn’t quite up for handling a large post right now.

Just maybe the New Englanders are envious.... We went to the beach, and local fishing pier.

Theresa and her dad, Tom, walking up the Juno Beach Pier.

People fishing on the pier.

Local catch.

This is the coolest thing. This is what is left of a caught fish. The rest of it was EATEN BY A SHARK.

This merits some discussion. So, apparently this is a common occurrence.  The sharks hang out around the pier and wait for a fish to get hooked and then is slowed down.  They take advantage of slow food and chomp down on your catch.  Everytime someone reeled in a fish, everyone shouted them on as they frantically tried to reel in their fish before a shark got it.  We got to catch a few good glimpses of sharks, although not any good pictures.  Still, very cool to see.

More beautiful views of the ocean. Look at the color!

Seaweed, not the very great tasting type.

Theresa picking through the seaweed.

Look! My feet, not in woolen socks, naked and in warm sand! Bliss!!!!

So, this documented our visit at the beach and pier. Not much food other than shark food.

I will post more pictures later today or tomorrow.  I am off to cook a ‘local meal’ with my mom for the evening.

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