More Florida Photo Parading

Here are more Florida Photos for your amusement, mostly of Florida wildlife, but a little bit about food.

Ah, Florida. Florida Scrub Land, littered with Saw Palmettos and condos.

We took some pictures of the ubiquitous Florida Landscaping ‘Habitat’, which is a mish-mosh of native and non-native plants.

It definitely seems like spring. Lots of flowering happening (just a little more than Florida's ever flowering normal) along with animals doing the nasty everywhere. All happening quite early compared to New England.

White/Pink Bougainvillea.

Orchid tree in bloom.

Orchid trees have lovely flowers, and bloom only in the spring.

Banyan Trees.

We caught a lizard hanging out in the weird tassle branches of a banyan tree. These anole lizards are pretty common down here.

Gratuitous Hibiscus Photo. Ubiquitously Floridian.

Bottle Brush Tree.

Crotons. Pretty ubiquitous Floridian landscaping plant. Still attractive and novel.

We came down to Florida for Theresa's Mother's Wedding. Here is Theresa, her mother, Michelle, and her brother, Phillip.

One novel food thing that happened at Theresa’s mother’s Wedding Reception: Michelle’s friends roasted two whole pigs for the occasion. They were brought whole and decorated for the event.

A bride and groom roasted pig (!).

This was a very curious object to adorn the decorated beach pavilion.  Once people finished appetizers, two of Michelle’s friends began to carve and serve the pork.

Pig carving.

This wasn't very appetizing to some.... 🙂

The pig wasn't local, it was bought through Publix, the major grocery store in South Florida, which is in my opinion a pretty good grocery store chain (comparatively). They apparently had them de-gutted, injected apple juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper into the body cavity and smoked it and roasted it with coals and apple wood slowly and with low heat for about twelve hours. These guys were pretty into it.

A pretty Caribbean Meal at the reception: roasted pork, Caribbean rice, and black bean and corn salsa.

Mangrove roots, part of a mangrove swamp.

This was the major local food section at our local WholeFoods.

Aloe Vera is not something we are quite used to seeing in our local food markets...

We picked up a lunch of local Florida food for our visit to the zoo. Grape tomatoes from Alderman Farm and local-raw-organic-vegan num nums from Glaser Farm: Green Garden Pate, Sunburgers (sunflower seed, and veggie burger) and mamey oatmeal cookies.

Green Garden Dip (which was almost like a vegan- dip form of gazpacho) and a grape tomato. All enjoyed while watching Florida Native and Non-Native wildlife at the zoo.

Gratuitous Flamingo Picture from the Zoo. Nope, we don't normally see these guys in the wild.

That’s it for now.  I will post more about my ‘Florida local meal’ tomorrow (probably, or at least on Wednesday).

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4 Responses to More Florida Photo Parading

  1. cheryl says:

    Did yall try the pig? That was the usual Christmas fare at my house when I was growing up. Very tasty. Looks like yall are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the weather.

    • Hi Cheryl!
      So sad we didn’t get to see you and say hi! The trip was crazy, but it all worked out well in the end.

      The pig was delicious, moist and sweet. You must have had quite a family get-together if you had a whole pig for Christmas! It sounds wonderful, tasty and I’m really jealous.

  2. Michelle Frient says:

    HI Girls, The pictures of the pigs are great. Laura you should be a food photographer. I always leave the website drooling. Yummy. Thank you girls for all your help with the wedding. It made my life less stressful. Especially when you checked into the resort for us. He figured it out when we started walking amongst all the man-o-wars and I refused to go back when he urged me too. He was delighted with your assistance. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of food. Always enjoy your girls company and cooking Love you MOm

    • The pigs were great! They tasted good, too.

      I’m glad to know that everything went well with the resort, even if he figured it out a little ahead of time! Also, glad to know you made it safe and sound to Ravenna, after putzing around in St. Augustine. It’s still chilly, but spring is on the way, never fear.

      Always more food pictures, let us know if you have any recipes we should try!

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