Quick Veggie Soup for the Soul

Yesterday, Theresa was sick at home, and wasn’t keen on eating normal food.  Her request was oatmeal and yogurt for dinner.  That meant that I got to make myself dinner, without much input from Theresa.  That also meant that I was probably going to make myself vegetable soup.

Lots of chopped veggies: Carrots, Gilfeather Turnip, Potato, Sweet Potato, Onion and Shallot. All cooking in a generous allotment of butter 🙂

They say that people tend to eat better when they are in a couple.  Apparently we put more effort into our food when we know we’re feeding more than ourselves.  I think this is even the case for Theresa and myself.  I know that I would make myself a lot more vegetable soup, stir fries, and crock pot stews if it was just me cooking for myself, and my guess is that Theresa would make a lot more pasta and pizza like things if she wasn’t cooking for both of us.

Whole wheat cheesy muffins.

Luckily, on these occasions that we cook for just ourselves, we can still make something good, clean, and local.  The quick and easy vegetable soup was going to be accompanied by cheesy whole grain muffins.

Whole Wheat Muffins with Shredded Queso Cheese. I've had muffins on the brain- I think that Theresa has been fixating on them for the past few weeks, and it is rubbing off on me.

My muffins were of interest enough that Theresa had one with her oatmeal dinner. The soup was also very tasty.  I spiced it with chili powder, coriander, nutmeg and a dash of cumin and ground ginger, and added lemon juice at the end.  It had almost a slightly spicy borscht flavor, which I found rather pleasing.

The final meal: Vegetable Soup and Cheesy Muffins.

Overall it was a nice simple hearty meal with lots of veggies.  I enjoyed it, and Theresa enjoyed her oatmeal and muffin and everything was hunky-dorey.  It was a nice, quiet, and restful evening.

Local Sources:

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