Photo Parade of Our Weekend

Let’s start this week out right: another photo parade of our weekend.

I started Friday morning drying and grinding grain to make pasta dough, per request of Theresa. A mixture of white and red winter wheat berries.

Flour, Eggs, Salt, Olive oil, deconstructed pasta.

Friday Lunch: Leftovers, Beans and Rye with cilantro and queso blanco, cornbread muffin and baked kabocha squash.

After lunch I ran off to the Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA distribution in Somerville to fill in for Kristi while she is away.  I had a lot of fun meeting up with some familiar CSA faces along with lots of really great new CSA members.  It was fun to run the distribution at Metro Pedal Power with Mariela.  The people at MPP were great and helped us clean up, and were a really helpful, nice bunch of people who are doing really great things for their community and environment.

Running the distribution made me antsy to get to June when I can begin running the Brighton site’s main season distribution.  I think I can officially say that I have gotten enough of a break that I am rearing to go for the next CSA season.

We got a lot of amazing items from the CSA distribution:

Rutabagas and Gilfeather Turnips, Carrots, Beets, Onions, Kale, Salad Greens, Fiore Di Nonno Mozzarella, Popcorn and Real Pickles. Because I helped in the distribution, I got an extra jar of pickles, cheese, and a bunch of collards, score!

After distribution, Magda, our visiting friend from Savannah, GA made us a local meal! I got to make pasta and Theresa got to be the photographer for the event.

Magda hard at work cutting up shallots over our familiar counter space.

Pasta Making Montage:

Preparing dough for the pasta roller.

Feeding the dough into our pasta roller.

First flattening of pasta dough.

Modeling the rolled pasta dough for Theresa.

Cut fettucine.

Collard Greens being prepped for a quick blanching.

Shallots and Garlic.

We all munched on Dill Pickles to tide ourselves over to when dinner would be finished. Damn good pickles if you ask me.

Blanching collards.

The final plates being dressed.

Friday Dinner: Our Lovely Local Meal made by Magda: Pasta with Collards in a Garlic Shallot Creme Sauce with Bacon, served with slices of fresh Mozzarella on top. Nom!

Saturday Breakfast in the works: Baby Swiss Chard being washed in morning sunlight.

Fritata with swiss chard, garlic, oregano, and mozzarella on top.

Saturday Breakfast: Fritata with a whole wheat muffin quickbread slice. Very tasty.

Saturday morning, Magda had to work, and Theresa wasn’t feeling that well, so I decided to make the last of our oranges into marmalade.

Prepping orange flesh and peel for marmalade.

It was sunny and just beautiful to play around with such lovely bright orange items in the kitchen.

Slicing orange peel.The marmalade mixture, all ready for cooking and canning.Finished marmalade. We didn't have a lot of oranges left, so I only had enough to make about five cans. Bottled sunlight for the rest of the year.

We went out to eat at our favorite sushi place for dinner on Saturday, Genki Ya in Coolidge Corner.  It is by no means local cuisine, but most of its food is organic or sustainably produced, and it has a lot of great healthy options like multigrain sushi rice, which I adore (it’s a purple hue and has beans in it too!).  We did not bring our camera, but Magda stepped up to being a guest photographer with her iphone and took pictures of our meal.

Caterpillar on the left!

A sushi-sashimi dinner.

As always, it was all delicious.  Very happy to enjoy good food with good company. We had a lovely Saturday evening with Magda, and even happened to catch and say hi to two great CSA members whom we have gotten to know over the past two years.  A very nice Saturday night.

I woke up Sunday morning, and it looked like this:

Snow, but not too much. It was pretty, though a dreary morning.

I had to work early on Sunday, and so, I had a quick breakfast of uncooked rolled oats, sofia’s yogurt, and raspberry jam.

Sunday Breakfast.

I had to put together a quick lunch for myself before dashing out of the house.  I made myself another set of walnut-oat-honey-cocoa balls, and put some baked kabocha squash into a container with some cinnamon and maple sugar.

Walnuts, rolled oats whizzed in a food processor, mixed with some cocoa powder and honey to form nice little balls of liquid energy.

Packed squash.

After a long day of work with a nice break of taking Magda to the airport, I arrived home Sunday night to Theresa making a delicious simple dinner.

Tomato Sauce and Pizza Biscuits in process.

Theresa made these cute biscuits, and baked them with herbs and then laid mozzarella on top and broiled until melty.

Sunday Dinner: Whole Wheat Pizza Biscuits with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Served over Salad Greens. Delish!

And that (Phew!) was our weekend in photos.  I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!

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