Another Roast, Another Day Warmed By The Oven

Yesterday was my day to cook again (I tend to cook Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays).  I didn’t have a lot of time, but enough to stick some things in the oven to roast while I finished getting ready for the day.  We have a lot of turkey still in the freezer from the big one we got from Kate Stillman for Thanksgiving.  I popped a turkey leg in the oven along with some carrots, parsnips and a gilfeather turnip.

Veggies wrapped individually in tin foil for baking.

I also set up some onion and dried apples and sage to cook and then added it to rye berries to soak for the day.

Sauteed Onion and Apple with rubbed Sage and Rye Berries. Added water to the whole mess and boiled for a few minutes before setting it to soak all day.

I also somehow had enough time to snap a few pictures of our cats, who were displaced by my laundering the day-bed sheets. I know, I am a cruel mommy, taking away their favorite blankets.

Fitzwilliam didn't seem to mind. The makeshift blanket over the mattress suited him just fine.

Shera definitely seemed put out. Pensive look, ominous shadow. At least she had sunlight to bask in.

When I got home, I had turkey and veggies to be warmed along with some savory blueberry sauce that I thawed during the day, and rye berries to cook. It took only a little while before dinner was ready, which is pretty nice at the end of the day.

Turkey leg finished being browned and heated up in the oven before serving.

Gilfeather turnip roasted in foil.

I have to say that this is one of the first times in a while that I have roasted carrots, parsnip and turnips in foil.  I found that I liked the result of this type of roasting less compared to when sliced and roasted on baking sheets. Big difference in flavor.  Roasting them in foil sort of steams them and ends up bringing out a lot more bitter flavors.  Nonetheless, still pretty decent roasted veggies.

Turkey thigh meat on top of spinach and served with blueberry sauce.

The final meal: Turkey leg meat, spinach and blueberry sauce, with roasted carrot, parsnip and gilfeather turnip, and a rye- berry apple onion pilaf.

The turkey and blueberry sauce was just great, as always, and the rye berry pilaf was a good combination of flavors.  The root veggies were pretty good, but I’m definitely sticking to my sliced and baked method from now on. Overall, a nice warming meal for the end of February…. it is the end of February, right?  I feel like the oven has been cranking for quite some time now.

We have lots of exciting things coming up.  For one, it’s getting a little warmer outside.  Two, we have a friend coming to stay with us over the weekend.  Three, I am running the Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA distribution tomorrow with Mariela in Somerville.  So, things are looking pretty sunny (literally) today.  I hope you all enjoy!

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3 Responses to Another Roast, Another Day Warmed By The Oven

  1. cheryl says:

    almost like having Thanksgiving all over. Everything looks delicious.

    • Thanks! It was like a thanksgiving meal. We wanted to have something hearty, but elegant. Oh, and simple. I think that if we could relive Thanksgiving on a regular basis (maybe even weekly) we might actually be saner for it. I hope you’re enjoying good eats and nice weather in Florida. Maybe we’ll be able to catch you sometime next week, while we are down.

  2. cheryl says:

    would love to see ya’ll. I heard Theresa’s mom is getting remarried. Good for her. I hope she will be happy. My phone number is 561-346-1261 if you wish to go out and eat “your kind of food” , my treat. Have a great trip. Play safe.

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