A Misunderstanding, Dastardly Hunger and Few Pictures

As I am sure you have figured out by now, Laura works on Thursday evenings on an appointment-based system.  Last night she was supposed to work until 9:00pm, and we knew we were going to have dinner separately.  She put her dinner together in the morning, to have after her busy day, and we understood that I was to make dinner, and by extension, lunch for Friday.

Laura's dinner: Baked Tempeh in Tamarind Lime Marinade, with Baked Sweet Potatoes, served with yogurt and cilantro.

Well, through various means, including our shared food/nutrition monitoring system, I came to believe that Laura had found the time to make a crockpot dinner for me.  After all, there was an array of yummy sounding things listed for the day I had not eaten.  I sent a quick email saying thank you right before I left work, and decided to take a long walk home, knowing dinner was most likely waiting for me on the other end.

Ha. Fail.  No dinner was waiting.  Nothing prepared.

I can’t be angry, because it was presumptuous on my part, but Laura had also screwed up by putting tonight’s dinner in yesterday’s food list.  So I threw together a salad of spinach, watermelon radish, kohlrabi, carrot, and cashews.  On the side I had broiled tempeh and a baked sweet potato with cheese.  But, I was so hungry I did not take a picture.  So, no pretty salad picture for you today!

But, I do have a dessert picture.

Dessert: Yogurt with cocoa powder, honey, vanilla extract and cinnamon.

We’ve been loving on yogurt with cocoa and honey.  Strange sounding, but it is like our ice cream replacement during the colder months.  Last night was warm enough I totally could have gone for the real deal, but we had no ice cream and no slots available.  There will be lots of ice cream during the summer, though.

And lastly, breakfast was something a little different.  Laura mentioned she was starting to tire of regular cooked oatmeal, so I made stove-top granola.

Breakfast: Pan-cooked granola with yogurt and maple syrup. One of Theresa's delicious creations.

The idea was to toast the almonds and oatmeal in butter before adding maple syrup, salt and cinnamon.  It turned out really good, very toothsome and chewy, not crunchy like oven granola.  A very nice way to start a beautiful Friday.

I saw some forsythia starting to bloom!  Mind you, it was in a sheltered, south-facing location with a brick wall on two sides right next to an asphalt road but it was flowers nonetheless!  We look to be having another cold spell, but with some sun soaked into our skin, we can muster through one or two more until spring really gets going.

Happy Friday everyone!

Local Sources:

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1 Response to A Misunderstanding, Dastardly Hunger and Few Pictures

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    Whoops. I can’t begin to count the times that something like that has happened in our house. I like the way you put the sources for your ingredients on your posts.

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