One Pot Veggie Curry with Spelt Berries and Yogurt

We haven’t been making meal plans recently, though Laura wants too.  I have been enjoying winging dinner, coming up with ideas on my commute home, seeing if what I want to use is still around and improvising if it is not.  It drives Laura up the wall sometimes, and she always plans her cooking days, so that I don’t use any ingredients that she has plans for.

Last night I wanted vegetables, and lots of them!  We have a full fridge now, and I took a quick root through the freezers to see what we have excesses of.  Let’s see… eggplant, broccoli, peas, edamame and shredded summer squash still linger in large quantities.  After grabbing a bag of eggplant and peas, half a can of tomatoes, chopping up onion, potato, carrot, and cabbage, a good dollop of butter and yogurt and curry spices later…

Combination of very nutty spelt berries, cabbage, potatoes, peas, carrots, eggplant, onion, tomato, cashew, yogurt and spices.

Laura had been kind enough to par-boil some spelt berries for me, and those were dumped into the curry pot as well.  It was a very mellow and homey curry.  The fesh vegetables were all fried in butter until they browned a little, then the frozen vegetables and tomatoes went in, shortly followed by spelt and seasoning.  Yogurt was the very last addition.  Watermelon radishes and cilantro round out the meal.

More attractive dinner pictures.

I love one pot meals, since there is (obviously) only one pot to clean.  But beyond that, there is a wonderful amalgamation that occurs if you let things simmer long enough together.  Flavors soften and meld, subtle nuances of flavor begin to emerge.  Mistakes can be easily hidden (unless it involves too much salt or beets).  If I add too much tumeric, I can add broth and a little more yogurt to thin it our and dub the dish “curry soupy-stew”.  Add too much of one vegetable, consult a cookbook to see what spices go well with it, and begin to experiment with the possibilities of cinnamon, cashews and dried fruit in the dish.  There are so many exciting things that can happen.  Okay, I think I have waxed fond of this concept long enough.

Dessert followed the vaguely Indian trend, with honey, yogurt and rosewater, eaten with a delish Florida orange.

Dessert: Sofia's Yogurt with Rosewater and Honey, served with an Orange. Nom.

 So good.  Laura and I have decided that Sidehill Farm yogurt (our other yogurt love) is a really good sweet yogurt, while Sofia’s is a really good savory yogurt.  Both can be used for either purpose, but the sheepy-goaty thick-richness of Sofia’s really lends itself to savory flavors, while the sweet-grassy cow’s yogurt is more delicate, and naturally seems to go with fruit, maple syrup and other sweets.

Personal opinions, for sure.  We are in love with both and can spread the love around evenly by eating lots of both!  Happy Tuesday everyone.

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