Our Last Fish CSA Pick-up for Winter 2011

Lots of shrimp and tasty fish brings us to the end of our Cape Ann Fresh Catch Fish CSF distribution for this winter.  For those who might be interested, there is the possibility of a Fenway distribution site opening up, if there is enough people to make the trip worthwhile.  If you are interested, go to the sign-up page, where they have email addresses to contact with your interest.  We really hope this pulls through, since shlepping to JP can be quite a chore.

We enjoyed our share last night, hake from F/V Jennifer and Emily.  We made a simple meal, utilizing frozen and dried produce to fill out the meal.

Fish Assemblage: Hake with Sliced Shallot and Basil Cubes, awaiting broiling.

Covered in frozen basil and shallot, the fish would be served on top of dried tomato-mushroom polenta, with a side of roasted turnip.

Turnip Slices Arranged on a Baking Sheet, awaiting baking.

Some may find the bitter earthiness of turnips off-putting, but I enjoy the unique taste, especially roasted and served with a great dip.

Roasted turnips. Simply lovely.

Roasted Turnip "Fries" Served with a Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Fish and Polenta. A very simple and classic combination, jazzed up by some of our 'put away' treasures: Frozen Basil on Fish, Dried Tomatoes and Mushrooms in the Polenta.

Local Sources:

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