Another Look at Kitchen Dynamics

Well, I don’t normally do this, but I’m posting about a meal I didn’t make, or even watch being made.  Last night, I had to work late, and therefore the meal fell to Theresa to cook, as well as take pictures of the meal.  This meant that I packed myself a makeshift dinner consisting of Boston Brown Bread which I had made the day before.

Boston Brown Bread, cornmeal, rye, whole wheat flour, molasses and milk. Nom. This is the larger loaf that I made on Wednesday, alongside my little loaves for dinner.

If you must know, I ate it with Sofia’s Yogurt for dinner.  🙂

Theresa, on the other hand, made a tasty Lentil, Rice, and Butternut Squash Curry for dinner for herself.

Lentil, Rice, Butternut Squash, Tomatoes, Spinach and Spices.

She told me that she had cooked the rice and lentils in water on the stove.  She baked the butternut squash in the oven until mostly done, and then she added onion and canned tomato and broiled it all until toasty.  She added that to the rice and lentils, along with spinach and spices, and voila, dinner.

The result (of which I sampled when I arrived home) was pretty tasty.  Theresa said she felt like she added too much turmeric, which I can believe.  She loves turmeric…  So it turned out a little bitter, but not too bitter.  I am going to eat my leftovers with some yogurt and lemon juice, which I think will complement it quite nicely.

I have to take Theresa’s word on this recipe, since she did not take any pictures of the actual process.  Truth be told, she only took three pictures, which all looked very similar to the one above…….

Another perspective on kitchen, or more specifically, camera dynamics: So, I happen to be the photographer most of the time.  I take pictures of lots of things, the process of cooking, produce, lovely ingredients that happen to be in opportune lighting…. In other words, my head is more often than not glued to the camera, and Theresa has to pry it from my hands in order for us to eat dinner sometimes…

Though Theresa does like taking pictures of pets.

Marion eating Sofia's yogurt this morning.

Alas, I cannot post on the blog with only one food picture.  So I will share my morning pictures of dinner prep.  I’m planning to make chicken spelt soup for dinner, so I’m making stock, and soaking spelt.

Spelt berries soaking in water and sunlight.

Speaking of sunlight. It was sunny this morning… imagine that!

Stock being born: old leek tops, onion, and celery beginning to simmer. I also added a turkey and chicken carcass after broiling them briefly.

One really great thing that we do is freeze vegetable discards that could make a yummy broth, like leek tops and old celery, kale stems and other bits, as well as poultry carcasses.  When we run low on our frozen chicken stock, we pop these frozen buddies into a pot, and simmer until delicious.  We strain it, and if we have extra, we boil it down to concentrate it, and freeze it for further use.  I have to say I really appreciate the lovely chicken soup smell infiltrating our whole living space from this process.

Sunny day, the smell of chicken soup….. although we’re only in the beginning of February, it still feels like things are on the upswing.

To me at least.  I hope that’s the case for everyone else! Happy Friday!

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