February! It Doesn’t Seem Much Different than January!

More of the Same!

I really hope we don’t continue this “one-storm-a-week” trend that has been in place since the beginning of January.  The first week in February seems to have other plans, with a monster two-day storm sweeping across the US.  We are under a winter storm warning for two day.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!  Where are we going to put it?  The snow is already taller than Laura in some drifts and piles, and the roads are about half the width they ought to be.  I forsee major flooding in our collective future.

Anyway, food.  I’m not getting sick of winter root vegetables, but the idea of rooting through the freezer is more tolerable than it used to be.  We are making space in the freezers (!), and it is easier to dig around for goodies.  I found a bag of strawberries, and envisioned strawberry shortcake with sweetened yogurt on top.  A lone bag of cherries begs for a clafouti or a rich sauce.  I try to ignore the bags of broccoli, as we have not yet made our peace from summer.

Last night, frozen corn and green beans were the stars, with a supporting cast of tomatoes and seitan.

A whole bowl full of preserved food

If you put frozen corn in with your onions when you begin to saute, the corn gets carmelized and sweet as the onion cooks.  I added seitan next, then frozen green beans, and a can of tomatoes.  The rest of a languishing jar of salsa provided the flavor, and cilantro sealed the deal.  Really easy, and you can add hot sauce, sour cream, yogurt, cheese or more salsa to your desires.  With a side of cornbread from freshly ground cornmeal, it was an easy and comfortable meal for a Monday night.

Dessert was equally easy and comfortable.  Jam, yogurt and honey.  Yellow plum jam for me, and current jam for Laura.

Pretty colors!

Next year, when we don’t have the self-imposed pressure to store everything for the winter, I want to experiment with more exciting jams and jellies.  Including herbs, multiple fruits, alcohol, etc. all sound really exciting.

I hope everyone gets through this storm in fine shape.  Let’s hope for no more heavy snows, and a ray of spring to start heading our way.

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