Wayland Winter Market Wool Day!

So I am sure you are all interested in how Valhalla went last night, but we FORGOT THE CAMERA (AGGGHHHHH!!!!)  We really wanted to document the event ourselves, but the camera was left behind as we scuttled out the door, excited about meat on our meat and not having to cook dinner for ourselves.  We are going to wait a day or two, and see if any other blogs or websites cover the event.  This way, we can link to some pictures while giving our own review of the event.  I’ll leave you with the knowledge that we had a great time, the food was great, and we really hope JJ can pull more of these off.  Maybe a Roman themed night on Mt. Olympus, or a Revolutionary War era Fourth of July event (mmm… pies).  Such fun!

What we do have pictures of is the Wayland Winter Farmer’s Market Wool Day.  This is the perfect time of year for it, when all I want on snowy days is a cuppa tea and a large knitted project made of wool on my lap.  It was so much fun to go and oogle and coo over fleeces, hand spun and hand dyed yarns.  I just finished one project, and am messing around with some scraps to practice for my next project.

First, some obligatory food pictures.

West River Creamery, our winter cheese love. No smoked blue cheese this week, but a divine swiss and a lovely creamy soft Herdsman's Cream.

Red Fire Farm root goodies.

Not food, but look at all of that beautiful greenery! Definately brightens the mind and spirit to see some much plant life when there is mountains of snow outside.

I always want a new houseplant when we go to the market, but I have no more space on my plant tables.  I really wanted another succulent, particularly a hoya they had, but, alas, no space.  So, we turned our eyes to the yarn and fiber scattered about.

Colorful yarns, ready to be knit.

Scarves and hats, warm and colorful

Colorful fibers, ready to be spun.

Super pretty.

If the plants didn't brighten our day, the colorful wool certainly did!

Such beautiful wool. These bags of cleaned fleeces made me want to learn to spin, but then I would never knit, which is a slow enough process for me already!

It is sad I can only wear on hat or scarf or set of mittnes at a time. Look at all of that, begging to be used!

Mountains of yarn, in so many different colors.

We have tons more pictures, but I will spare your computers and not add too many more pictures.  But, I wanted to share the big project I finished Saturday morning as a belated Christmas present for Laura.  A big, comfy, super warm sweater with lots of stripes!  Just the thing for a cold Saturday running about the town.  I’m really pleased with the finished product.  It was done on larger needles, but doesn’t look too bulky or overly chunky.  My first doing ragalan sleeves, which were surprisingly easy.  I really excited to work on another project, and I am going to try my hand at two-color work with stranding on smaller needles.

So toasty warm! Sometimes it is even too warm, but Laura will never complain about that.

I picked the pattern, Laura picked the colors, and here is the result.  It was nice to knit for her, as she is a wee little person, and a size small is almost always perfect.  It makes knitting seem to go so much faster.

See, we do something besides eat and cook.  😀

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10 Responses to Wayland Winter Market Wool Day!

  1. nruit says:

    Great photos and absolutely gorgeous sweater!

  2. cheryl says:

    Laura, you look wonderful. Happy. Both of you are so inspiring. Keep going with this great blog. I am enjoying it.

  3. Dad says:

    Absolutely beautiful … and the sweater is nice too. I really am happy for the both of you, just wish I could send some of our sunshine your way. I loved Theresa’s pic of Orange ecstasy the other day too!!! Love ya!

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  5. Marianne says:

    What an awesome sweater!

    Wool Day looks amazing – so much gorgeous yarn and fiber! Had I been there, I would have broken my yarn diet for sure!

    • Peg Mallett, market manager says:


      Fear not! Wool Day is happening a second time on February 12th from 10 AM to 2 PM. You, too, can experience this event!

      Locavore Ladies, thanks for posting with so many beautiful photos. I particularly like the sweater photo!

  6. Mubs says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the fleece I ended up buying, obviously after you took the picture! Looking forward to spinning it and yes, I did end my own yarn diet or as I like to call, the moratorium! (Cute sweater, btw.)

    • Wonderful! I’m glad that fleece went to a great home. It was simple beautiful, and we both spent quite a while enjoying looking at it. I would love to see pictures of the final yarn and project, as I was wondering what that fleece would look like all spun up. I might be envious, but all the more reason to learn to spin.

      As for a yarn diet, I am saving some money to buy a few pretty skeins of yarn the next wool day. My yarn diet doesn’t start until it gets to be summer! Thanks for the compliment on the sweater!

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