More Snow….. and a Ray of Hope

So, if you happen to live in our area, looking outside this morning probably looks something like this:

Snow falling over our neighbor's roof.

More Snow.

After Tuesday, which was More Snow. Which was after the two snow storms that we have already gotten this year.  It is the year of More Snow.

I think you can tell that this has gotten to us a bit.  As locavores… we embrace the time of year, and enjoy its bounty.  But I must admit, the tediousness of getting around, and the constant dreariness has gotten us a little down.  I think we’ve lost some inspiration in our cooking.  We aren’t anxiously gnawing on raw root vegetables, cooking large slabs of mega-fauna over a bonfire and hibernating in a cave. Although, this morning, that sounded really appropriate to me.  I think that we are getting through the darker part of the year this year, with a bit of a slump.

With that said, we are still moving along as locavores, uninspired or not. We had a pretty nice local meal last night made by Theresa.

Seitan and Spinach in a homemade Tomato Sauce over Polenta.

It was homey and pretty comforting.  I mean, when is polenta, not easy and comforting?  We had some leftover homemade tomato sauce from our Rabbit Pizza on Monday, we had bought local Seitan (Lion’s Share Foods) from Sherman’s Market, and still had a little bit of spinach leftover from our Red Fire Farm CSA Deep Winter CSA.  Theresa cooked it all together with some onion, and ground our Mandan Bride Dent Corn from our Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA into coarse cornmeal and cooked it into polenta.

Mandan Bride Dent Corn is multicolored white corn. The cooked polenta was a little purple. Cool.

The resulting saute and polenta was good and hearty, and I grated Full Circle Goat Tomme Cheese (a hard, strong goat cheese from West River Creamery) over mine.  Very tasty, simple, low-key meal.

The Ray of Sunlight, or Hope:

Yesterday and we went through the hum drum wintery expanse as normal, until we arrived home.  What we found on our front porch was a very bright, shiny sign from above. And the gods said:  Let there be no scurvy this winter! Our Christmas present from my mother in Florida arrived.  January citrus.

Florida Tangelos, need I say more?

Look at those beauties!

And there IS more: Grapefruit!

Can I explain the level of our joy in this post?  No.

But, as you can imagine, receiving a deliciously bright drop of sunlight in the form of sweet citrus goodness before the next snow was unimaginably uplifting.  Even Fitzwilliam was in good spirits from all of this excitement and danced for his treat very willingly.



Eat Treat.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking.  “Aren’t you locavores?  Locavores in New England.  Citrus in January? Come on now.”

Well, we’re not going to try and legitimize this gift (too much).  It did come from a small family run business (Termarsch Groves) that uses pretty sustainable practices that is near my mom in Florida.  The citrus is also in season.  Except for the fact that it was shipped to us from Florida and therefore not local, if fulfills most of our principles.

We discussed this, and in some ways it makes us think of back in the day when people would get an orange for Christmas.  Just like those people, we feel the same level of gratitude for such a treat.  The big difference here, is that instead of getting one orange in your stocking, we got quite a few oranges and grapefruits.

Our pile of oranges and grapefruits on display in our kitchen.

It would have to be one big stocking.

As I have said, we are too excited for this treat to really legitimize this rationally.  But, I think that for such a well going local year thus far, we don’t feel too guilty to indulge in a present like this. And besides…. according to Fields and Fire, yesterday was Tu Bishevat, the Birthday of the Trees.  This was a great way to celebrate fruiting trees in January.  🙂

So, for dessert last night, we had:

You guessed it: Tangelos.

And they were so good and sweet.  Here’s Theresa in a happy citrus coma:


At least you can’t say that we’re taking this treat for granted.

Though we might overdo it.

Breakfast this morning: oatmeal with roasted delicata squash, peanut butter and honey. Oh and a tangelo.

I think these guys will be sneaking into our meals quite a bit.

We don’t have a CSA pickup today, though we will be going to the ONCE in Valhalla tomorrow.  We will make sure we cover the event, as it is sure to be quite an amazing locavore festivity.

Many wishes of good luck to all those trudging out and about today.  I hope that everyone finds some ray of sunshine or hope during our wintery mess.

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4 Responses to More Snow….. and a Ray of Hope

  1. Adrie says:

    Enjoy the treats – no one says locavores have to be 100% or get evicted form the club! Abstaining makes those treats all the sweeter. 🙂

    • Thanks Adrie! I’m glad to know we aren’t alone in our belief that our locavore lifestyle enables us to really appreciate non local items when they come around. And glad to know that not too many people are thinking of us as sellouts. I hope that you enjoyed your taste of brightness with your tropical fruit meal for Tu Bishevat. It sounded great.

  2. nruit says:

    A citrus coma! I can relate. We can’t stop buying citrus in the winter altogether. Our grandson is addicted to oranges and clementines, and sometimes there’s no substitute!

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