Just Another Comfort Food Night

Last night, in anticipation of me going to a late night class that ended up being canceled, I put together a very simple crock-pot meal to cook for the day.

Pork-Apple Stew.

Now, it may not be the prettiest sight, but it was easy and good.  I cooked Ara Kara beans, leftover pork shoulder, apple, onion, and leftover apple-onion gravy from a previous meal all in the crockpot.  The result was warm and homey.  Also included in this meal were some items that I had baked the day before.

Roasted Buttercup Squash and Japanese Sweet Potato

I think that the meal was tasty and very simple to make.  However, if I knew I would have been home, I think I would have planned a bit more to the meal…. not sure what, though.

Shera kitty having a taste.

Curiously, Shera was really interested in what we were eating and tried the stew.  Maybe it was really appealing to miss Shera, or maybe she is just spoiled and enjoying her roam about the table.  🙂

For dessert we had a favorite combo:  Oat, peanut butter, and chocolate.  But this time, Theresa cooked the oats in milk to make a nice oat-milk pudding, served with peanut butter and chocolate.

Milk Oat Pudding with Teddy's peanut butter and Taza chocolate. Nice combination.

That was a pretty simple meal, quick and easy, and I think it went by very quickly. I will say that the recent dreary weather has been seeming to make the time go by quickly and slowly at the same time.

What do you make for simple and quick comfort food during the dead of winter?

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4 Responses to Just Another Comfort Food Night

  1. Dad says:

    Lets see today it was sunny and 80 degrees…no need for comfort food down here…sorry I just had to!

  2. Super Chunky says:

    ‘Milk Oat Pudding with Teddy’s peanut butter and Taza chocolate. Nice combination.’ OO!!! We dig the combination too!! Especially the Teddie Peanut Butter part! 😀

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