Another Venue for Goodies All Winter Long – Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market

Yesterday, instead of going to the Wayland Winter Farmer’s Market we took a jaunt down to a completely different area to check out the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.  Our reasoning was two-fold.  One, we didn’t need anything produce-wise and the bagels might have proven too much for me this weekend.  Everything is so good looking in Wayland!  Two, we are going to ONCE in Valhalla, which will be in the same venue as the Somerville Market.

If we haven’t made it clear yet, if you live in the area, you HAVE to come to a ONCE event.  We insist.  If you tell us you are coming, we might have some jam to give away so that we can meet you.  So I am going to give you the link again, just in case you missed the first one.

ONCE in Valhalla Tickets, click here.
We like to check out the surroundings, and the route before we go somewhere really new, especially if the important traveling time will be in the dark.  Boston/Cambridge street signs are terrible enough in the day.  Add mountains of snow and dark, and you have a disaster we would like not to experience.

Anyway, the market was really great, and we are glad to have trekked in see what was available, who was there, and check out the venue.

Here is the front of the really impressive building. I have to work really hard not to end up in the edges/corners of all of Laura's pictures as she will stop and I will keep going, only to realize what is happening just as the photo is taken. This is why I look sour here in front of the Armory.

Winter Veggie Recipes

We did the classic move and went to the right of the market, and browsed some recipes for a while at the information table.  I think it is neat that they show the ingredients to the dish, instead of the final product.  It helps you to identify what you need, and sets no preconceived notions of what the finished product should look like.  I think more people would cook if food stylists used real, cooked food in their food-porn cookbooks (though I do like looking at the pretty pictures).

From the floor, the place was hopping 45 minutes after opening!

There were two veggie vendors, one couldn’t make it due to tire troubles.  Lots of bread and pastries, apples, fish, meat, wine tasting and a little coffee bar.  Thankfully the place was busy enough I didn’t lust too much after the pastries, and settled for tasting lots of Taza Chocolate.

Look at all of that goodness.

It was lucky we didn’t need any produce, as the lines were long and people loving the fresh winter vegetables.  I present the lonely bunch of radishes.

The produce vendors, Enterprise Farm and Northstar Farm were doing great business, and we were happy to see the great community forming around food.  It felt warm and inviting, with lots of families and young adults, all enjoying winter bounty.

Enterprise farm vegetables

Guest Vendor! These will change every week, so keep an eye out for who will be there next week.

There was also apples, which Laura went a little crazy with.  We will enjoy them, for sure, but she bought a lot of apples.   Apparently they had two sizes of bag, 1/2 peck and peck bags, and I told Laura to “get a bag of apples for us”.  She came back with an overflowing peck bag of apples, looking so pleased.  It gave us a good laugh that her enthusiasm has provided us with a boatload of apples.

Apex Orchards has delicious apples.  We enjoyed one with breakfast this morning.

There was also meat.  I let Laura get lots of sausage from Stillman’s Farm, and now we can have lots of soups and such in the future.  While we didn’t get a photograph of Kate Stillman’s stand, we did get a photograph of Austin Brother’s Valley Farm.

We found out about the market through JJ, the genius behind Cuisine en Locale and ONCE events.  You should come to one.  Like the next one, on January 22 called ONCE in Valhalla.

Anyway, JJ was there giving a talk on meat, how to choose it, how to prepare it, and how to eat it.  I love her enthusiasm for food, and we share the same passion and principles for food.  She is a great source of sources and knowledge.  We would have gone just to chat with her, but it was so much better than that.

We also indulged in a cup of coffee (gasp!).

How could we say no, when they are putting so much love and care into each cup?  We were jittery the rest of the day, and our kitchen  is very clean.  That’s what happen when you never have caffine beyond chocolate.

Our time in Somerville was great fun, and we will have to keep an eye on the guest vendors to see if there is anyone we want to meet.  The space was great, and the atmosphere was really fun.

I hope if there is seating on the mezzanine for Valhalla, we are up there.  I’ll take whatever we get, but the view was great.

Last, but certainly not least, here is a picture of a splendid watermelon radish, getting ready to be eaten.

This one is for the charmer at Ruit Farm.

Food Parade tomorrow!  I have to go set a rabbit to thaw and start a squash to roast.  Did you do any fun food activities this weekend?

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4 Responses to Another Venue for Goodies All Winter Long – Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market

  1. Megan says:

    These are great pictures from the market. I was there yesterday too. I was so disappointed that those two produce vendors couldn’t make it, but I still left with a gorgeous butternut squash and some fresh breads.

    • It is always sad when a vendor doesn’t make an appearance when you are really hoping they would. We were sad that Fiore de Nonno didn’t make it this time, but pleased to see all of the vendor who were there. I bet your bread was delicious! It all smelled great.

  2. Magda says:

    I wish I could just eat with you two every day. It makes me lust so hard for home cooked food, but it seems a lot more annoying to cook for one at home 😛 I try many days, but sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it because I’m terrible with leftovers!

    • We wish you were here to share yummy meals with too! We like leftovers, though…. I’m sure you can find a way to either make friends with leftovers, or make friends with really simple picnic style lunches like ploughman’s. Hope that Savanna is treating you well!

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