First Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Distribution!

We were pretty excited to go over to Somerville to pickup our first deep winter share of the year from Red Fire Farm.  Living in Brookline and getting to Somerville isn’t easy, but doable.  The distribution location is in the basement of Metro-Pedal Power, and is a little out of the way and very unassuming.

The entrance to the basement and distribution area.

The distribution area. Theresa way in the back getting our produce, Kristi, one of the coordinators in the front with a crate.

What the place lacks in ambiance, it makes up for the produce it supplies mid-winter.

Butternut Squash

Watermelon radishes. We'll make sure to take pictures of these when we cut them open. Quite awesome.


We stopped at Sherman’s Market to pickup groceries after the distribution.  While perusing the shelves for local goodness, JJ Gonson, from Cuisine En Locale dashed into the store wearing a very cute viking hat, similar to this one:

Viking hat, not on JJ.

She has been preparing amazing local food goodness festivities for her ONCE event in Valhalla, (technically somerville) for January 22nd.  She came in to pick up some quail to experiment with.  She also announced that she spent five hours filleting 25 pounds of sardines to pickle them!  Other crazy things included in her hoard of local goodies for the event were lots of rye flour, lots of local mead, beer, and other amazing liquors, meat, and well… gods and maybe gnomes. We had a brief discussion about what Vikings actually ate, and how they liked their food really sweet.  JJ said there are still some spots open for the event.  So, don’t be shy. 🙂

Church in Central Square still with nice diretional snow plastered to it. We liked the earie beauty of this picture.

Getting back home from Sommerville was rather difficult in traffic, amongst much snow.  We were hungry and lots of people were pretty angry driving around.  Luckily we found ways to pass the time, like taking photos of the city. When we finally got home, we took stock of our loot.

Our Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Share!

Let’s see, we got carrots, shallots, sweet potatoes, celeriac, rutabagas (gilfeather turnip to be precise) watermelon radishes, butternut squash, cilantro, spinach, Garlic Dill Pickles from Real Pickles and two dozen eggs.  Not bad, not bad at all for mid-January.

This was our whole haul, from both the CSA and grocery shopping at Sherman's market.

To show our whole loot, produce from Red Fire Farm and then from Sherman’s market: Narragansett Creamery’s ricotta and yogurt, Seitan, Taza chocolate, milk from Thatcher farm, Teddy’s peanut butter, Raye’s Mustard, and Appalachian Naturals’ Salsa.

We are very set for the week. Very happy local food Friday adventure.

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4 Responses to First Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Distribution!

  1. nruit says:

    I have watermelon radish envy :*)

    • We’ll have pictures up for you shortly! We started squealing when we saw them, and a lady next to us, who had never had watermelon radishes before was totally clueless. We explained, and I think there is a new WR fan!

  2. Leslie says:

    Mmm…Bet that cauliflower soup is tasty. Keep us posted on the fruit leather. How long will it keep, any idea?

    • The cauliflower soup was really good, and we reduced the amount of fat in our version! I bet it would taste really good with all of the butter and whole milk called.

      The fruit leather… our dehydrator guide only says that leathers with nuts or coconut must be used in a month, or frozen. I guess this implies that plain old fruit leathers will last a really long time if they stay dry. Ours may last a month at most. Guarantee.

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