Snow Day!

Tuesday was our fish CSA pick up, and we received pollock.  It’s been a while since we last had fish, since we sadly discovered a lot of freezer burn in our frozen fish (major learning experience), and we missed the last fish pick-up due to weather and travels.  It was really nice to have a fish dinner.  Laura used inspiration from a dinner she had eaten while in Florida, and the result was surprisingly good.

The first part included sweet potato fries, cooked plain.

Sweet Potato Fries, three lovely varieties of sweet potatoes, baked with some salt and pepper. Just plain tasty on their own.

Then came the fish, crusted with turnip and browned in a touch of bacon grease.  The fish was dipped in flour, then egg, and lastly the shredded turnip.  It was seasoned with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.  Over salad greens and drizzled with a spicy cumin-onion-yogurt sauce, the whole combination was light and refreshing.

Turnip Crusting the Pollock was a total win. A combination that we'll have to elaborate on.

We talked about the combination of turnip, nutmeg and fish for a while during dinner.  The general conclusion was that it was good, the nutmeg needed some other spice to carry it forward.  Something with a kick, like hot paprika or chile powder.  We also decided this would be good with a more Caribbean flair, with jerk or mojo type seasonings.  We are going to experiment with this recipe some more in the future.

More pictures!

Today, Wednesday, is a Snow Day.  If you live in New England, no doubt you’ve noticed there is a ton of snow falling from the sky.  With airports and businesses closed for the day, we are hunkered in, blogging, cooking, knitting, and thinking about cleaning.  We’ll probably go for a walk when the wind dies down, and enjoy the winter wonderland before it beings to melt, and turns an icky brownish city-snow color.

Really pretty... from indoors.

So breakfast was a break from oatmeal (I would say we are 1/3 to 1/2 way through our second 20lb bag already), and I made a root veggie-egg scramble.

Snow Day Breakfast: Root Vegetable Egg Scramble (sweet potato, carrot and rutabaga, egg, and herbs de provance).

Not much to look at, but hot, filling and fabulous with mustard.  I love veggie-egg scrambles with mustard, and I am always sad that I never have the time or gumption to make them before work every day.  I could pre-plan, yes, but oatmeal is just as tasty, and requires no pre-thinking (or much thinking at all).  To keep our hand warm after breakfast, we had our “stay-well/cure-all tea”.

Breakfast Tea: Lemon, Ginger and Honey.

No brandy, but still nice.  We will nurse those organic lemons to the edge of their existence, and enjoy every drop.  Happy Wednesday, and stay safe if you are being deluged with snow!

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