We run a tight kitchen here…..

So, last night was Theresa’s night to cook.  On our meal plan, it simply said ‘soup’.  Such things are okay with Theresa.  She’s great at coming up with last minute creative dishes.  I, however, get rather confounded by hunger and lose my food creative juices if put on the spot an hour before dinner.

We had leftover beans, greens and pork from our New Years Day dinner still in the fridge.  Luckily, both Theresa and myself try really hard not to waste any food (Theresa is really good at it; I happen to be a Nazi about it).  So, we run a tight kitchen (maybe only I like to think of it like a ship!), and try to use up things in creative ways.  Theresa’s move last night was to make the leftover beans, greens, and pork into a light chili.

Dinner: Chili, Cornbread, and Kale Chips

She added some frozen corn, canned tomato, spices (and perhaps other things I am unaware of) and we had chili.

Cornbread, using the "house cornbread recipe from Niki and David Goldbeck's "American Wholefoods Cuisine"

Then she made some cornbread- I have to say that we are totally digging the freshly ground cornmeal made from our Mandan Bride Dent Corn from our Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA.  Nom.

Mixed Green and Purple Kale chips (this time with only salt, no sugar) Aren't they lovely?

A side of Kale chips to add more greenery to our meal, and we were all set.

Lastly, dessert.  Well, the ‘use food up Nazi’ (me) decided that we haven’t made a dent in our sweet potato hoard, and requested sweet potato based dessert.  Theresa pulled through this cooking obstacle and made something quite dreamy and simple: sweet potato custard.

Theresa cooking sweet potato custard, waiting for it to thicken.

She chopped up a big sweet potato, simmered it in a little bit of water in a pot until cooked an done.  Mixed together milk, egg, sugar, and spice.  Cooled and mashed the sweet potato and added the milk egg mixture.  Then she blended it with an immersion blender and returned it to the stove and cooked on low until it thicken.  What resulted was delightful.  Thick creamy, and sweet potatoey!

Sweet potato custard with cinamon, toasted pecans, and chocolate garnish. Nom!

And that was our simple nummy meal last night.

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2 Responses to We run a tight kitchen here…..

  1. Leslie says:

    Way to creatively use all of your ingredients :)! I hate wasting too, but often can’t come up with a last-minute fix like you do…

    • Thanks! It’s alright, sometimes things go to waste in our kitchen. It takes a lot of (let’s be honest here) my angry bullying sometimes to make sure everything is eaten. I’m sort of crazy about it, so you know, maybe it’s better to be more balanced about (like Theresa). Striving to not waste things is really the first and best step towards reducing waste. We give you credit for making it a goal!

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