Simple and Comforting… A Short Letter to the Crockpot

Dearest Crockpot,

It has been a few weeks since you have made an appearance, but we had not forgotten you.  Your charms are too many to forget.  Your magic of taking a few plain food items and slowly coaxing a delicious meal from them never cease to amaze us.  Yes, there have been a few time you let us down, but we contributed to those occasions with our bad decisions as well.  When we all can work together, you are one of our favorite kitchen appliances.  Really, look at the goodness you created last night.

Crockpot Chicken Breast and Potatoes with Leeks, Onions, Garlic, and Thyme.

Simple, and homey.  A touch of mustard was enough to make this a blissful meal on a cold night.  Add a simple salad, courtesy of our other favorite appliance, the food processor, and we were set with a perfect meal for the evening.

Tangerine-Carrot Salad (with orange and purple carrots)

Where would we be on busy winter nights without you, Crockpot?  Lost, and hungry.  Don’t die on us too soon, we would be lost without you.


The Lovely Locavore Ladies

Nuts! Breakfast today: Oatmeal with Maple Syrup and Crumbled Raw Cashews.

P.s. Nuts on oatmeal are killer.

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5 Responses to Simple and Comforting… A Short Letter to the Crockpot

  1. P Smith says:

    Wow, thoose ALL look good to even my uber-processed preferences. Especially the oatmeal.

  2. Leslie says:

    Hey! I just wanted to wish you Ladies a Happy New Year! Congrats for completing a year of healthy, sustainable eating–NOT an easy thing to do, as I have discovered. You should write a book about your journey and favorite recipes :). I would totally buy it.

    Your meals look great, as always. I like the idea of a tangerine-orange salad. Random question: do you guys eat Quinoa? Do you know if it grown in the Northeast?

    • Hi Leslie,
      Thanks! We’re not quite done with our local food challenge, it ends on June 11th 2011. But, we certainly feel accomplished thus far with our principled food year. We hit the half way point earlier in December.

      Congrats to you for making it through the Fall Semester. I think that what you’re doing is great, and I hope you continue to make great strides for your life! Happy New Year!

    • Hi Leslie,
      Totally forgot about quinoa question. We love quinoa, however, we have not found any local in the Northeast. Apparently, you might be able to grow it in the Northeast (for some varieties, maybe, if we hope- I mean its been done in england…), and it seems to provide a decent payback for how many plants you cultivate: five plants =(1.5lb) of uncooked quinoa.

      However, Alter-Eco does carry fair trade, organic, zero carbon, 100% small scale farmer Quinoa from Bolivia. We bought some a while back (we’re still hoarding most of it) and it is very tasty. We also like the red and black varieties a little more- maybe because we are color obsessed, or maybe because those varieties seem a little nuttier in flavor. It is also a nutritional powerhouse…. so many good things to say for it, except that it isn’t local. Le sigh.

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