We’re Back!

Snow on our front balcony.

We arrived back in Boston yesterday, greeted by lots of snow,  about 1 -1/2 ft of snow… not too bad.

We were very happy to be home with our beloved pets and extraordinarily happy to have the ability to cook ourselves some good homey local food.   I think we enjoyed a break from our local food challenge, but oh my, the novelty wore off quickly. We were getting extraordinarily bored of eating out, eating little to no vegetables, and having very little fiber in our diets.  Our bodies weren’t coping too well either. Though, having fresh avocados wasn’t too bad!

An awesome old pin that Theresa's mom gave me. Apparently yokel is UK slang for "hillbilly." I feel like I need to make a corresponding pin 'be a yuppie, buy locally'. Unfortunately 'yokel' and 'yuppie' are a little negative of an association in my mind, but the pin is just adorable. I think I will wear this pin far too often.

We brought back with us: some tropical fruit, and lots of nuts (my sister brought locally grown, organic nuts from California, and Magda brought locally grown organic from Georgia).  Also, my mother will be sending oranges and grapefruit from Ter Marsch Groves.  So, we got quite the locavore challenge “cheat-treat” from my family for the holidays: nuts and citrus in december and january.  We promise to use them wisely.

We arrived back from Florida incredibly hungry, thus, for lunch we thawed Corn-Kale-Sausage Chowder that we had frozen a couple of months ago.  After that, we shoveled some snow and realized that for the most part we only had root vegetables at our disposal in our fridge (but oh did we have many).  Instead of running off to the store to pick up something to make a meal, we decided to just make a dinner from what we had around.  A good challenge to start us back into our  local year.

Roasted Root Vegetables over Pasta.

Oh, but this was much more than just that.  It was Rosemary Roasted Rutabaga, Turnip, Celeriac, and Parsnip over Whole Wheat Pasta Spiced with Nutmeg and Pepper, all tossed with a Balsamic Vinegar-Reduction-Mustard and Roasted Garlic Sauce.   Twas very tasty.

Freshly ground red winter wheat flour with salt, nutmeg, and pepper.

Latsa Pasta waiting to be boiled.

Now the part that you can be jealous about: for dessert we had some tropical fruit we managed to bring home, along with the last of our ginger-cardamom gelato from Maples.

Star-fruit, a fun novelty fruit from Florida. These were picked off a bush from one of Theresa's mom's friends.

Star fruit, Mango and Tangerine. All really good, though the mango and star fruit were a little out of season. Still much better than what you can normally get up north!

And that was our first day back.  Happy to be home!

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2 Responses to We’re Back!

  1. P Smith says:

    I hope you enjoy the snow!

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