Don’t Try to Beat Mother Nature, She Will Win… A Delay in Our Return to Boston

**Update:  Our flight was cancelled.  Thank goodness for spastic pre-planning.  Enjoy the snow up there!**

Oh my, there seems to be a blizzard bearing down on Boston.  At least the snow forecasts have moved from 1-2 feet of snow to around a foot of snow.  Either way, Laura and I pre-emptively moved our flights from early Monday to early Tuesday.  Last year, there was a snow storm that kept us from coming to Florida, and we were delayed three days coming down.  We didn’t want to be down here quite that long, and jumped the gun to change our flight.  Looking at the flight information and what-not, it might have been a premature move.  There seems to be no delays and our carrier is no longer offering free flight rescheduling.  Either way, we covered our butts and will probably have a smoother flight back (and the roads will be plowed and we won’t have to walk back with our luggage while it is snowing).

But boo! No kitties or birdies or good local food for one more day!  Alas, alas.

But, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  Laura’s family goes to eat crab on Christmas Eve, and Theresa and her mom and brother go to Lion Country Safari on Christmas Day.  It’s a really cool place, and this will be the third (and last) year we do this as a family.  A few pictures of our fun in the sun for you to dream of if you are snowed in right now.

Theresa and brother Phillip feeding lorikeets. They are lovely little birds, and I found one that loved to have its head scratched while laid on its back in the sand. So Cute!

Rainbow Lorikeets can do all kinds of tricks!

Budgie feeding. Can you tell I like feeding the birds? I think I also fed sea gulls and ibis while we were at the park.

So, while we might not be loving one our cats (we’ll be home soon She-butt and Mr. Fitz-twixer!) we are have a good time down here.  So, I hope you all had a great time and are having a great Boxing Day!

Did you enjoy your gifts this much? Probably not.

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