Unique Florida Holiday Food Traditions

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating!

One tradition that my (Laura’s) family has instigated for the past couple of years or so is going to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami every Christmas Eve.  Certainly not a home-cooked meal, and not perfectly local (stonecrabs are reasonably local and sustainable… but other than that….) but a family tradition nonetheless.  Tasty, I will say.

Joe's Stone Crab is a swank Miami Restaurant from the 1910's, with suited waiters, good seafood, and a certain nostalgic appeal.

So here is our Christmas Eve Meal:

Coleslaw- it's good because it has a decent amount of mayo, relish and vinegar in it. We always get it as our "salad."

A side of garlic creamed spinach, by request of my sister. It is tasty and very garlicky.

The reason why we're at Joe's Stone Crab- stone crabs cooked in the shell and served with mustard sauce. We got a ton, and ate all of them! They are quite a delicacy, nothing quite like them. Very mild, mellow crabbiness, oh and juicy.

My plate of stone crab leg, creamed spinach and potato hashbrowns.

For Dessert- Apple Crisp with Ice Cream. Good, as they don't skrimp on butter and sugar- nonetheless I must say a pretty darn good apple crisp.

I thought it might be something interesting to share, due to its novelty: a Crab Centric Christmas Eve dinner.  I still find it novel, and look forward to it every year.

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One Response to Unique Florida Holiday Food Traditions

  1. jetdell says:

    Hey Girls,
    Don’t know how much longer you will be in Miami (we are here too!), but you definitely need to try out Michaels Genuine Food and Wine. Everything is local. There is also Area 31 for local fish, but this one is really on the expensive side.

    Enjoy my hometown!

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