Local in Florida… Our Local Lunch

It might have been easy to make, it might have been lunch, but by golly we had a sumptuous local meal in Florida.  Check it out.

After our visit to Nutrition S’Mart, we used our purchases, plus a few things loitering around the kitchen that we locally produced, to create this lovely salad.  We used Florida grapefruit, Florida avocado (the big green ones, not the little black Hass avocados), watercress, sunflower sprouts and radish sprouts.  With a simple dressing of grapefruit juice, a little olive oil, salt and pepper, it was the most exciting salad we have had in at least a month.  Avocado and citrus go together like bread and butter.  The crisp sprouts were a perfect foil.

Look at that beautifulness.

Divinity in a fruit.

We ate our salads with raw crackers and date-banana balls from Glaser Farm out on the porch, in the warm sun, with a nice breeze.  It’s nice to have family in Florida.  Escaping the winter is a great thing.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday times so far.  Eat well friends!

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2 Responses to Local in Florida… Our Local Lunch

  1. P Smith says:

    You girls really DO like avacados!

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