Our Little Holiday Dinner and Our Follow Up Breakky

Special dinners are always nice, even if the cooking is not too much above your normal level, ambiance, setting and a nice glass of wine can go a long way.  We had a very nice dinner last night, eaten by the glow of the Christmas tree and our outdoor lights.

And we did open those presents in the background.  Warm clothes and pretty kitchen spoons abounded.  The food was wonderful, though a great departure from the typical food eaten at Christmas dinners.  Shall we take a quick tour of our food?  I think so.




We had a turkey legs, roasted with lots of thyme, rosemary, salt and butter.  The pan juices and some blueberries came together to make a lovely sauce.  In an act of cruelty we had the plate on the floor to pick at, and the cats sat about 6 inches away, giving very sad looks.  They did get turkey in the end.  They are cute little piggles.

Our non-traditional sides were, starting from the spinach and moving clock-wise, creamed garlic spinach, blue-cheese rutabaga custard, and really fun beet and horseradish puree, using golden beets.  Only one dish different from our Thanksgiving dinner, but a tasty meal nevertheless.

Dessert was a total splurge, and we went to Clear Flour Bread and picked up their decadent Pumpkin Pave.  Served with homemade cinnamon-maple whipped cream, it was delicious.  Clear Flour is definitely on our recommended list.

Breakfast was to use up the last of a loaf of bread we had lingering around.

Yum, french toast.

With cinnamon and maple syrup.  Tasty way to start the day.

This will be the last regularly scheduled post until we get back, but we will try to update sporadically.  Look out for posts on our old Florida haunts!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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