Farewell to CSA Season

Farewell to CSA Season, the produce bound place,

The last CSA Distribution for the Extended Red Fire Farm Season at Workman's Circle in Brookline.

Let your crates dirt-caked and heavy be.

Some last looks at crates of delicious earth clodden bounty.

For when I am far away on the snowy barren earth,

Leeks and Kale.....


Will you ever heave a sign or wish for me?

So, that was the final CSA Distribution for the Red Fire Farm Extended CSA Season.  It was sad to see a lot of wonderful members for the last time.  I will be running next year’s distribution, but June is a far far land where our local food challenge will be over (a strange far away place in my mind at present) and not everyone will be signed up for the Brighton location next year (or even in the city). Le sigh. I will miss you guys!

This year had a wonderful growing season with lots of bounty to share with lots of wonderful people.  I will miss everyone, and crating around produce, but I suppose I will partly enjoy a break (free Fridays!).


The last extended Red Fire Farm CSA distribution share: brussels sprouts, butternut squash, beets, turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, daikon radish, leek, kale, and spinach, and eggs too. Quite lovely!


Our Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA will be starting January 14th, a month from now.

Between then and now, we will make due with the produce from this distribution- a nice healthy load of produce I must say, and a bulk order of sweet potatoes and onions…. oh yeah, and also our pile of winter squash, our canned and jammed produce and our freezers that are still full with produce and meat.    I think we’ll be fine.

[The beginning lines of this post are a play on the chorus of “Farewell to Nova Scotia” for those of you who wondered.]

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