It Would be Vegan Except for the Pork

There are certain recipes in Nikki and David Goldbeck’s American Whole Foods Cuisine that still makes us ill to our stomach to think about, but we find ourselves starting to meander back to this old favorite time and again.  I think that the combination of simple recipes that are quick, wholesome and taste really good is the main draw.  The ingredients are not fancy, are easily modified and the whole cookbook has a very unassuming character to it.  Maybe it is the lack of professional photography.

Either way, Nikki and David provided last nights dinner, which surprised us by being almost vegan, with a few modifications.

Dinner: Cabbage "noodle" spaghetti and mixed grain "meatballs" or vegan spaghetti and meatballs, roasted beet salad and roasted butternut squash-sweet potato- garlic mash.

Before adding some shredded cheese, the only animal product in this meal is a tiny bit of pork fat I used to grease the backing pan the mixed grain balls were cooked on.  Other than that, not an animal bit in sight.  It was totally unintentional, but it shows that with a little creativity, a locavore can feed any type of friend.

Cabbage 'noodles' cooked in a savory tomato sauce and served with baked multigrain flour balls. Actually really tasty. Served with shredded cheese, but it didn't need it!

The “noodles” were simply shredded/sliced cabbage cooked in a tomato broth (canned tomatoes and garlic) until soft.  The recipe indicated that you could use some butter to give the sauce richness, but I opted for the alternative and threw in a healthy pile of nutritional yeast.  A ‘meaty’ tasting food, nutritional yeast is a deactivated form of brewers yeast, and adds a great flavor to broths, bakes and other dishes.  We are trying to use ours up to clear space in the freezer.  Good addition, which really made it more than just cabbage and tomatoes.

The grain balls were a mix of onion, rye flour, whole wheat flour and cornmeal with a splash of soy sauce and enough water to make a firm dough.  Rolled into little balls and baked, they were crisp-chewy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Really good, though I want to try to make some with whole grains in the future.

Beet Salad: Roasted Beets with Greens, Lemon Juice, Olive oil, Cumin Seeds and Salt and Pepper

Roasted Garlic-Butternut Squash-Sweet Potato-Mash. Really tasty and very simple: Roast squash, sweet potato, and garlic (lots of garlic) and mash it all together with some salt and garnish with crushed red pepper. Tasty.

This was really good.  I’ll send you over to the BBC food page that provided this recipe.  The recipe is Roast Sweet Potato, Squash and Garlic Mash.

I’ll leave off with some more dessert porn.

Dessert: The rest of the chocolate-squash brownies! I begged to eat them all!

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6 Responses to It Would be Vegan Except for the Pork

  1. There are certain recipes in Nikki and David Goldbeck’s American Whole Foods Cuisine that still makes us ill to our stomach to think about, but we find ourselves starting to meander back to this old favorite time and again.

    Would you mind expanding on this? We are confused.

    • Holy Cow! One of the Goldbecks, on our blog! Who would have known!

      The reason we get a little ill from the recipes is because we loved the cookbook so much that for about 5 years we only used American Whole Foods Cuisine to cook from. Off hand, there is only one recipe I would never make again (Liverish), because we ate it nearly 2 or 3 times a week. I think we talked about this earlier, in this post, but I’m happy to clarify that we LOVE our Nikki and David’s cookbook. We have two copies. The original first edition and a copy of the second edition to try and preserve our first copy.

      We love you so much! Thanks for visiting!


    • Hi David Goldbeck, Quite an Honor!

      We’d be happy to expound! There is actually a full post about your cookbook, “American Whole Foods Cuisine,” here. (

      During our college years together, we delved into wholefoods cooking, using your cookbook as a guide. We loved it to pieces (we still do); however, we ate a great many (and I mean MANY!) nut-loaves from your book (particularly liverish), within the time span of three years. And now, we can’t really stomach the idea of liverish, even though we adored it for years. Now, as we are doing this local food challenge, we use your cookbook with the same old vim and vigor, but focusing on different recipes (breads, crackers, vegetable sides, soups, dessert, etc. instead of nut-loaves).

      We try to link to your cookbook if we ever post about a recipe we used or modified from your cookbook. Is there a particular url you’d like us to link to? I will admit we haven’t been consistent, and had wondered what would send people most directly to you.

      Thank you for commenting. As I said, it is an honor to hear from you!

    • Can I also say that you guys are my Food-Idols!


  2. Good Morning

    Thanks so much for the clarification and for shall we say the lovely comments. We can’t tell you how happy it makes us to know how much you enjoy “American Wholefoods Cuisine.”

    We are wondering if you have seen any of our recent works. You can see them at

    With warmest wishes for the new year,

    Nikki & David

    • Hi Nikki and David Goldbeck

      Thank you for commenting! We certainly have enjoyed some of your other cookbooks (Eat Well the Yochee Way, and The Good Breakfast Book), though we have not yet checked out Healthy Highways, nor the Healthiest Diet in the World, which sound great, and will be on our wanted cookbook/food-book list. Thanks for all your great work and inspiration!

      Best Wishes,
      Laura and Theresa

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