Food Parade of our Weekend

Hi all, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a pretty good weekend of eats.  Here is our parade of local weekend food:

Friday evening, I met Theresa up in Cambridge for a movie, so I brought a dinner picnic to have up there so we could quickly be off to our movie.

Root Veggie Massacre! Oh no, those veggies were my friends! Getting rutabaga, turnip, and parsnip ready for baking.

The yummy 'unstuffed cabbage' filling: cooked rye berries, ground beef, onion, garlic, tomato, paprika, salt. Delish!

Our picnic dinner: "Unstuffed Cabbage" Lightly Sauteed Cabbage with Ground Meat, Ryeberry and Tomato-Paprika 'filling' served on top, roasted root vegetables with a mustard maple dipping sauce (simple: mustard plus maple syrup).

Saturday Breakfast: Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes! Blueberries from our frozen stock (That we had picked during the summer) and lovely freshly ground flour using Uppingil Farm's Winter White Wheat. Served with Butter and Maple Syrup. Delish! I had been craving blueberry pancakes...

Saturday Lunch: Leftover 'unstuffed cabbage', still tasty.

Midday Snack on Saturday: Toast (Bread from St. Vincent's Mill in PA- local whole wheat bread from a monastery near my mom in PA) with Teddy's PEanut Butter and Warm Colors Apiary Honey, and warmed local goat milk.

Saturday Dinner Prep: Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with paprika, crushed red pepper and salt.

Saturday Dinner Salad: Simple green salad with our own dried blueberries, cheese, and red currant vinegar vinaigrette.

Saturday Dinner: Meatloaf (ground beef (from Jen and Pete), carrot, onion, peas, bread, tomato, egg, with a tomato on to- these are tomatoes that we canned earlier this year) with a side of baked savory sweet potato fries.


Sunday Lunch: Big salad of greens, blueberries, feta and red currant vinaigrette.

Sunday Breakfast: More Blueberry Pancakes, this time with ricotta (from Narraganset Creamery) and maple syrup.

Sunday Lunch: Leftover Meatloaf. I have to admit the little meatloaves that Theresa made are sort of cute.

Sunday Dinner: Kohlrabi Pilaf with Chermolla Sauce and Feta. For all those people out there that do not know what to do with kohlrabi: this is YOUR dish! A whole grain, cooked with cilantro in this lovely sauce, and served with chopped kohlrabi and feta, is a lovely delicious meal for even non-kolrabi enthusiasts. I will try to convince Theresa to post the recipe.

Spanish Garlic Soup: Garlic Soup with Ham and Poached Egg, very tasty, served with bread.

Washing Mung Beans and Soaking them overnight for dinner on Monday. Local Mung Beans from Baer's Best Beans. Really cool.

Sunday Dessert: Really cool chocolate cake. Gluten free, too. Inspired from: A Spoonfull of Sugar-Free. It was a cake batter consisting on roasted butternut squash, cocoa powder, egg, baking powder and a little bit of sugar. We poured it over a layer of rolled oats and peanut butter, and put a few chopped pieces of Taza dark chocolate on top, making it quite a hearty dessert!

It was really lovely: nice fluffy texture, chocolatey, delicious, hearty, included oats (my stipulation on many things).

That was our weekend in food.  We have many fun meals to look forward to this week too, as well as our last extended main season CSA distribution on Friday, and our own early local Christmas dinner on Saturday.  Very exciting!

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2 Responses to Food Parade of our Weekend

  1. Super Chunky says:

    Thank YOU so much for the shout out!! Teddie Peanut Butter is most YUMMY!! AND Boston Ladies Rock!! 😀

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