Planning for the Week Ahead… And the Other Half of the Year!

The week ahead is full of excitement, both food related and otherwise.  The most important thing I think we should announce is that we are half-way through our local eating year!  Six months down, and six more to go!  We hope to have a longer post detailing how we feel, how we are doing food-wise and our plans for the rest of winter.  A quick scan of our food lives reveals that we have begun to dip into our canned goods and frozen foods, and are starting to eat a bit more meat.  Salad greens are still making their appearances every so often, but we are eating meals full of squash, root vegetables and frozen greens.  Our grain CSA is being put to good use, with whole grains and fresh flour making regular contributions to our food.  We are not too freaked out about our food (except chocolate, but that is a story for later), and are ready to face the up coming months.

The big bummer, though, is that this Friday is the last CSA distribution for the extended season.  No more fresh produce, but at least our Fridays will be free (for our every so not exciting life).

That sadness is shadowed by the fact that we are going away for a week, to celebrate Christmas in Florida with family.  It is both super exciting, and a little sad.  We know that we can’t keep to our food challenge while in the Sunshine State, but we are going to visit some old haunts that got us started down this path, and explore some of the local food options available.  Laura will try to make a local meal, Theresa is going to enjoy the break.  Both will enjoy being warm.  We will probably be posting sporadically during the time we are away, but we will try to throw some information and pictures up during that time.

Our meal plan for the week is simple, and we are trying to use up some of our perishables before we leave.

  • Sat- Mixed vegetable meatloaf, sweet potato fries, salad
  • Sun- Kohlrabi “cous cous” with chermoula, Spanish garlic soup.
  • Mon- Mung bean and potato with curry, carrot raita, parsnip squash curry
  • Tues- Fishcakes with winter veggie salad
  • Weds- Mixed grain balls with cabbage noodles in tomato broth, turnip gratin
  • Thurs- Corn-cheese pancakes, beans, salsa two ways
  • Fri- CSA something
  • Sat-  Winter Holiday Dinner!  (TBD)

For our slots:

  1. Soy Sauce
  2. Lots of chocolate
  3. Olive Oil, Butter
  4. (free for something else)

So, chocolate is something we always (ALWAYS!) have to have around.  We are both addicted to Taza chocolate, particularly the semi-sweet baking chunks which we eat straight or melted.  When we went grocery shopping yesterday, the store was out of stock.  Laura had a little shit fit in the store, so, like any exasperated mother who doesn’t want to deal, Theresa swept four packages of eating chocolate into the basket and told Laura we would get more later.  That fourth slot might be even more chocolate.  Ah, such comfort is some foods.

I hope every one is safe and comfortable where they are, as we are pretty damn miserable here.  Snow is at least pretty.  Rain is gross at 40F.  So there.

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2 Responses to Planning for the Week Ahead… And the Other Half of the Year!

  1. Magda says:

    I for one am SOOOOOOO excited to see you guys!!! I don’t think you have any idea 🙂 and I’m all for going out exploring with you guys to find local stuffs.
    (ok, nerdiness is done :D)

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