The Stove is My New Best Friend

So, its cold.  No longer ‘getting cold’ or ‘colder then yesterday’.  Just plain old cold.  Because we try to conserve, our house is pretty chilly.  The stove and oven become my best friends as we cook meals that require long stove time, or baking for at least 15 minutes.  It makes the kitchen radiantly warm, smell good, and, in some cases, nice and steamy.

Last night was soup night, which made the kitchen very humid, something nice in the dry cold season we are firmly in.

Our dins: Winter Bisque and Mustard Carrots in a high protein crepe.

The recipe for the soup comes from Edible Boston, Winter 2010.  They had a great section on Winter Feasts, and a really nice recipe for a winter vegetable bisque.  We have all of the ingredients, and then some.  It is garnished with a spicy sweet yogurt sauce and blue cheese.

Mustardy Colorful (purply) Carrots and Celeriac in a High Protein Crepe (egg, little bit of flour, ricotta).

Purple carrots strike again!  This was a mix of white, orange and purple carrots, that turned all purple.  It is dressed with some mustard and vinegar, and stuffed into a high-protein crepe.  The recipe for the crepe in from Nikki and David’s, and is becoming a fall back recipe in times of flour shortages.

Dessert was warm and comforting.  I had been craving scones ever since our trip to Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe, and Laura indulged me, and added warm honey goats milk to the mix.

Blueberry Oatmeal Scone cookie served with warmed goat milk sweetened with honey.

Yesterday, Laura was a crazy baker, and whipped up the scones and a batch of crackers.  We are finding that Laura is fabulous at baking and cleaning, and Theresa is good at the stove-top stuff and roasting.  Each to their own, and together we make great things.

Laura's attempt to make scones.... the dough was more like cookie... that's what happens when you really modify a recipe. 🙂

Crackermaking fun, since we now have flour. Rye and whole wheat crackers with fennel seeds.... nom.

[Laura’s Postscript:  Baking was particularly nice for this morning, since I had to wait around while waiting for someone to come and fix our heating. Hurrah!  The heating is working and I now have roasted beets and cornbread!]

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