For the Love of Carrots and Kitty Keeps Warm

Last night’s dinner was conceived of and created by Laura, in our first week trying a new meal planning system.  In the past, I have made up the meal plan, and then we decided which days Laura would cook and which days I would cook.  This led to some confusion, as I am not entirely clear in my recipe planning, as we’ve discussed before.  So, we went the other way to the same place, and chose days to cook and then planned for our respective day in our own way.

Thing is, it drives me nuts to watch Laura meal plan.  I like my lists and plans to be neat and tidy, very clean and visually pleasing.  Laura likes notes, lots and lots of notes all over the place.  And her handwriting is not the best.  I think I am going to try creating a neatly divided planning page, to help us both get along fine in this endeavor.

Wonkly looking meal plan or not, dinner was excellent last night.


Our main meal for the evening: Lamb Shoulder Chop in Asian Master Sauce with ginger garlic stirfried bok choy, burdock carrot saute, and a mushroom spelt berry pilaf.


It was all good, but the burdock and carrot saute was by far my favorite.  I love the taste of burdock root, very earthy with a crunchy-yet-chewy texture.  The sweetness of the carrot really plays up the more savory aspects of the burdock.  If you can find it, I suggest you give it a try!


Salad: Purple and Orange Carrot and Daikon Radish, shredded and in a simple vinegar dressing.


I adore the purple carrots, but they can be a little troublesome.  Yesterday at work, I ate a dark purple carrot for a snack right before a meeting.  My coworker kept looking at me funny, so I went to make sure I didn’t have carrot all through my teeth.  No carrot in the teeth, but bright blue-purple stained lips and purple teeth.  Very goth, but not really appropriate for work.  A little scrubbing helped, but it looked like I was wearing plum lip gloss the rest of the day.  Be warned.

Maybe I’ll eat another one when we can snap a picture, and demonstrate the true power of these carrots.


Our unsweetened no bake cookie of sorts: Peanut Butter, Melted Dark Chocolate and Rolled Oats... really tasty and filling.

Dessert was nom. Really simple, a basic derivation of a no bake cookie with no added sweetener.  Laura really likes these, and would eat them every night if she could.  Who can so no to the classic peanut better and chocolate combo?

Kitty Sweater!

Its getting cold outside, but Shera is comfy cosy in her festive sweater!  Our first snow of the season (I think) happened last night, nothing stuck, but it certainly is getting cold!


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